Trump relenting on a couple of red-hot burning conflagration size issues?

I don’t think he’s doing it for any humanitarian or humane or even human reasons, but he’s first sold his huge amount of stock in the DAPL parent company, on Saturday, according to Yahoo news. AND Immigration with the DACA amnesty which the racist part of his agenda needed really badly. This afternoon. Mayhaps the ESPECIALLY the Standing Rock support showed just what kind of a battle he’s going to have on each of his First 100 Days Commandments. Hey, he published that shit with a sneer about “what are you going to do to stop it, Huh?” Well, this is how it’s happening. His pet Klansmen in NC backed their collective ass down with a quickness. Klavalkade? What Klavalkade? We don’t know nothing about no Klan parade… (especially after they showed up for their shit spectacle and there were about ten times as many opponents already there.)
Mass roundups of people already vetted they’re not criminals, and trust me on this, La Migra are VERY diligent in doing harm or otherwise displaying their power trip against any especially non-white immigrants. La Migra have a great deal of hatred for immigrants and they make no excuses. Shoot first and ask questions later? Hell to the no. They burn you down and there’s no investigation.

Wonders, I does, what the exact ratio of people “officially legal” murders or other assaults actually reported is to the many more who never get reported and if the body is found in the desert with 27 bullet holes, it’s called “Just another one of them thar show-off suicides, tryin’ to make us look stupid” Or, my favorite, “we don’t know who did it but it was Mexican Drug Smugglers” and “we don’t know how to construct a real sentence that doesn’t trip over it’s many inconsistencies”

And the Klangaroo Kourt system in the border states will let it pass.

Point of it is, they’re not any where near being in the same library with a dictionary that would define them as Liberals. Not even in the same state as that library.

So what kind of pressure would make a walking life-support system for egotism and arrogance back away from them? People defying his ego. He’s spent the entire span of his massive crime spree (his lifes work) Selling People A Hog. A four-flusher. Bluster your way through everything and people start to notice when you’re trying to bluff. If you ever play poker with the dude, remember this: The more the situation is getting away from him, the louder and more arrogant his barking threats become. 53% of the vote went against him, he knows enough math to realize that his “popular mandate” is neither.

He’s running scared and he isn’t even in office yet.

One caveat: If he shakes your hand, count your fingers afterward, make sure he didn’t steal any of them.

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