Trump, Republicans and Privatization of Public Land.

Which according to Republican Doctrine includes Treaty Lands ceded to the tribes in (mostly broken) agreements. And Trump has a history of grabbing public land, notably for a golf course in Florida.
And a history of referring to the resources on Reservation lands to being “our” meaning his billionaire buddies possessions. Which is bullshit. If anyone needs a reason to support the Standing Rock action, that’s one huge reason. The notion that national parks, Waterways should be sold to the highest bidders has crossed his lips. In other words, he’s going to give all of america to his rich-bitch 1% cronies. Or so he thinks. And the Indian lands would be a big part of the deal. Also “easement” like what is already given to the railroads and private turnpikes. All they would have to do is declare the animal trails near “their” properties would be a right-of-way, and if you want to see what that means, look up the statutes against crossing or walking along railroad tracks, canals and other “easements”. The term railroading somebody comes from those statutes. Literally, the private transportation corporations can imprison you for walking across a railroad track anywhere that’s not a designated and marked crossing. By making the sale of the public lands “to the highest bidders” the top 5% holders of wealth control more assets than the rest of us combined. What would you bet the real estate thieves, especially in Mining and Oil and Water corporations would get the land and water and even the airspace above for their signatures on a surety bond, and no cash at all changes hands? That’s the sweet deal they’ve been working toward since the first viable english colony in america in 1620.


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