What Politically Correct really means

What happened to Civility has simultaneously happened to Language. For those who really need this, I’ll put it in dumbass speak: big word simultaneously mean at same time as other thing. Civility means being nice. Language means talking and reading and writing. /snark But now the term Politically Correct is being tossed around, everywhere, by people who don’t know the word Synonym, as in “Correct is the synonym of Right and Political is a fancy way saying Polite which means “nice to people”. And the ones who don’t want to be nice to other people or in the right at all, ever, use the sneer to end any criticism of their stupidity or ignorance. Much like pre-adolescents (kids) who taunt other kids (and the so called grown-up mature people) by calling them “queer” or “faggot” in order to hide their own doubts about their own sexual tendencies. Of course a statement like that is “politically correct”. And in the language the dumbshits are too lazy or stupid (mostly lazy) to learn, that means it’s nice and it’s right.

Really simple stuff, but some people don’t understand it. They’re so dumb they actually believe they look tough by saying stupid shit.

Hint: it just shows that you’re too stupid or lazy to try to understand other people. I would say “get with the times” but manners used to be more commonly practiced.

The NRA said once, upon Texas after 130 years of a Reconstruction law against carrying pistols and revolvers (and swords, spears, bows, slingshots) was updated to a concealed carry permit… “Maybe it will teach people how to say Sir again”.

Of course that was made by somebody who was upset that black people aren’t required to step aside and remove their hats when a white man passes by them. The era to which the Trumpites swear they’ll “Take America Back”. And a pistol or revolver carried openly was and still is legally “carrying a concealed weapon”. And it’s still illegal there to carry a knife that doesn’t fold up, a bow, spear, sword or slingshot with or without the permit.

That being said, the theory is that in days of old when knights were bold and toilets weren’t invented chivalry evolved at the the point of a sword. You just have second thoughts about calling names when you might get an armed response.

And by the way, if you hit somebody (in all definitions of “hit”) for saying anything then you’re just stupid. Real stupid. Most people learn in childhood that saying “he cawwed me a Name!” is not accepted as an excuse for violence.

Cops never did learn. Just an example.

It’s the refuge of cowards. It’s Politically Correct to use words to counter words, and for a good reason. The cowards who hit people (sometimes with bullets or incarceration) for “calling me a name” usually happen to be the same chickenshits who have to do all their violence with backup by the rest of their pack of losers. They even consider failure to grovel to them as “violence”. Donald Chumps klansmen for instance. Comedienne Samantha Bee interviewed some of the Trumpster Divers where they “defended” their so called right to hit people who verbally disagreed with them. It’s from more than a month ago, but it can be found here.

And they’ve not gotten more mature or courageous in the meanwhile.

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