What the hell is Mr Trump’s problem?

He gets the most prestigious political office in America and still bitches because some of us don’t actually worship him as the Chosen One. How many, you may ask. Well, I might answer, just off the top of my head and without putting the total to a calculator… the point spread between him and her on election day, 95% voted for either/or. Much of that, so it seems, and there won’t be any real statistic on it, although the figure usually is counted as 30% for each candidate, was actually a protest vote against the other. Because 5% of other voters had formally said “none of the above” although votes for the Greens are very important. At the very least they tell the BigPigs that they’re not as in control as they thought. There was a 1% difference between the Donald and the Hillary, in her favor. With the count, actual, was 3 million more for her. Which only counts for this calculation.
If the count is accurate, still not decided, then they were really less than a percentage point.

This isn’t the be-all and end-all of such silliness. Neither candidate got a majority far less a mandate. Especially when 30% for each candidate (the Corporate Candidates, let’s straighten that out) that’s 30% total of the election, plus 5% for the real opposition candidates. Take that off the top.
The Wonder Twins candidates split 65% of the popular TOTAL as people who voted their tickets. That’s 32.5% more or less FOR each of the top contenders. That means each had 67.5% of the Popular Vote AGAINST him/her.

So the “Bad Ass Tough Guy” got put into office with a really small minority of the vote and COMPLAINS LIKE A well, some group of people the reader finds most repugnant and shrill. You get to choose.

He complains and whines and snivels and demands respect he never earned. Often when anybody makes any logical statement about his assumptions of Godhood.

So, all that being said, if he’s YOUR fuhrer, what does that say about YOU? Especially the punks who offer to commit acts of violence against anybody who disagrees with their Fuhrer. He goes from zero to crybaby in a split heartbeat, and the loudest mouths in the congregation of his Cult. do the same thing.  And, yes, they DO speak and act in a very cult-like manner.kissmyliberalass

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