When Lucid Fails, try Lurid..

First allow me to posit a few noticeable facts. Donald Trump is invested in the National Enquirer supermarket gossip rag. To the point they’ll publish any mouth-farts he wants. And he’s got some kind of teenage or toddler Persecution Complex. The daily/weekly/whenever they, unlike a real newspaper, decide to publish… is prominently displayed at (just an estimate) every grocery checkout counter in America. Even if you try you can’t ignore their bloviation.
It’s like those damned posters in the novel 1984 with a picture of Big Brother and the eyes having the effect of always looking at you, and the infamous quote Big Brother Is Watching You.
And yes, I am capable of visualization when I read. It’s a level of literacy that some people don’t feel the need to exercise. You know, the ones who trust their leaders to think for them. So you get a blast of Trumpista Propaganda every time you buy groceries. Which has some deep Freudian undertones.

So, what are We the Sheeple being “fed” at the store this un-news cycle? Trump has gotten REVENGE against Hillary. Let yourself enumerate a few facts:

He and Hillary aren’t the only choices on the ballot.

Nobody has done anything to either of them. EVER.

Revenge is something one exacts when (s)he has been wronged.

Bears repetition, Nobody has done anything to either of them. EVER.

So what’s this “revenge” shit? Or in the Stoner vernacular “Like, what?”

Is he having a psychotic break again? Like when he threatened to sue the author and publishers of Bloom County, a political and social satire cartoon. Because they called him names.

Grow up, Chump. People say all kinds of nasty shit to each other and especially in an election. And about each other. Since he has de facto editorial privilege on the Enquirer staff, I’m going to ass u and me that he wrote at least the first draft.

So, does he feel persecuted, unloved, like people are picking on him by refusing to comply with his orders to Love Him? Calling him names like Psychotic Rich Bitch Crybaby? Is he telling the truth when he says, still, the Central Park Five should be lynched? Because, you know, violently racist bullshit like that can cause some people to call you nasty names. Like Chickenshit Wannabee Klansman who can’t do something like that himself so he demands his Brainwashed Disciples to do it for him. Stuff like that.

Go back to your unearned privilege of living on the (taxpayer subsidized) proceeds of other people being forced to surrender their property so you and other Real Estate Thieves can sell it.

You did nothing of your own effort to create the real estate, you never put your hand to hammer or shovel, never had blisters or callouses. Except on that tiny little portion of your brain responsible for Conscience. You and your scum sucking ilk have feasted, literally, on the blood of millions, nay, billions of people and especially children. Your lifestyle was built on Murder, as Death was the alternative your peasant soldier servants offered to those who didn’t give up their homeland willingly.

You and your conjoined twin Hillary. Now, do you feel that I persecuted your royal lowness by pointing out all of that? Well, somebody call whine-one-one because you need a waaahh-mbulance. Avenge that, punk. Even Jesus isn’t universally worshiped, so why do you demand adulation from every and all? Grow up, kid. Some of your family’s victims didn’t have that chance.

Donald Trump is an arrogant rich-bitch punk ass thief and coward, and now is having a hissy fit and claiming Revenge for people not loving him for all the retarded bullshit he’s pushed off on the rest of humanity since before he was even born, silver spoon and Trust Fund in his overprivileged hand.

Jill, not Hill.

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Brother Jonah

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