Why is it impossible to beat a lie detector?

The answer: There is no such thing as a lie detector. No machine which can tell the difference between truth and falsehood. It’s common to use the term “lie detector” simply because the makers and operators of the Polygraph machine want anybody and everybody who is compelled or coerced into their scam to believe that the Machine, (all hail the Machine), is actually capable of detecting anything other than your pulse, respiration and amount of perspiration.

It does not.

You’re told that in order to throw off your normal sentience. Your MIND. Put you off balance while the pig who has you hooked to the Machine (all hail the Machine)
is interrogating you. Trying to coerce you to give up your 5th amendment rights.

The word Polygraph is Greek for “it writes many lines at one time”. That’s it. If you go into the examination knowing that you’ll pass it. Not “beat” it. Simply walk away with your human dignity (All Hail The Machine!) intact. Pass. The whole premise of having to take the examination is that you’re guilty. That’s their assumption, you pass by showing them to be wrong. Which is impossible if you follow THEIR rules.

The technique to use most is education. Learn that the power-tripping wannabee Pig who is facing you, trying to frighten you so he can elicit an illicit (I like to show off some of my book learning) confession. In order for a confession to be anything more than a probable cause for further investigation. It’s really not valid at all. Think of the number of confessions to the Sharon Tate murder. Or Son of Sam. Or Jack the Ripper. Or Boston Strangler.

All a confession does is muddy the waters of a real investigation.

A two part instruction on how to Not Get Arrested For Murder
First don’t kill people. That’s the easy part. The next part, should you for some reason ignore Rule One, call the cops and confess. Bam. You’re no longer a suspect. They just put you in the Crazy File and forget you.

However, the Courts who worship the same Corporate Leaders, the Judges who are really Lackeys, DA same way, and cops have pushed it into being somehow acceptable in many court cases.

For instance you can lose your job or not be hired in the first place by the interpretation of a Loser who is never going to have a real date now that his mom died or disowned him, somebody who sexually enjoys power trips, a Nothing-ass Nobody with 3 weeks of training, his interpretation of what a machine (All Hail The Machine!) records about your temperature, pulse, respiration and perspiration. Somebody who’s too stupid or lazy to get a REAL job. Ever.

The simple truth to remember if you ever find yourself in such a situation, the Polygraph is a massive fraud. It’s just another prop for Pig assholes (who will never get a date or a Real Life) to do Torture Lite on a frightened citizen.

The constitutional issues are unfortunately not enforced by the Courts as strictly as they should be. Such issues as a Guilty Plea is supposedly to be entered with no coercion, voluntarily and by somebody who is fully competent to make such a declaration.

If you’ve been intimidated by the Pigs to plead guilty, happens to the best of us. But it’s based on not knowing the full scope of the lies used to obtain it. Being without full knowledge is actually a level of incompetence. Again, this is still being debated in courts.

The Central Park Five made such a confession. And one of the candidates for POTUS still insists they should be lynched.

Just too much of a coward bitch to do it himself.

If they had taken a Polygraph to “prove” their innocence they would have Failed.

There’s a former Police Chief from Oklahoma City who taught people how to pass a Polygraph. Even though the so-called “evidence” gotten from the polygraph is badly tainted, he’s been convicted of a Federal Offense. It’s now Illegal to tell the truth if the Pigs say otherwise. And the offense was teaching people how to pass a polygraph examination.

Even though it’s not a secret.

Polygraph examinations destroy the lives of people. They have no scientific validity justification for using them for detecting false statements yet they are popularly called “lie detectors”. It is a sham and a shame.

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