Why Juneteenth is more important than July 4th

Well, first for me is that it’s my Dad’s birthday, which was really cool. All of the folks in Polytechnic Heights (Fort Worth) would have a big old party on his birthday, along with his twin brother. This year it’s also on fathers day which happens as often as my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. And the facts that Juneteenth, celebrating the last surrender of the Slavers in Texas, did not have a Juneteenth state holiday until 1979. Am I supposed to say Confederate States? Too bad because I’m not. Slavers will fit quite nicely. For the descendants of slaves to cherish the freedom of their ancestors above the “freedom” of slaveowners, part of which was freedom to own other people, yeah, how dare those descendants of slaves not be content to rejoice for the good fortune of the “masters” and the bad fortune of their own family?

One of the whines placed into the Declaration of Independence (the Revolutionary  war was already going on) was that King George had promised emancipation to all slaves who were loyal to England. This isn’t discussed much in the gung-ho history lessons we get in school. But a lot of the fighting in the south was Whites making certain “their” property didn’t join the British. The Declaration called that emancipation to be a crime and “excited domestic insurrections among us”. Just like they actually believed they had a natural Right granted By God Himself to own other humans. Shit, the guy who wrote the Declaration, Tom Jefferson, made his slave his mistress (at least one) and her sons AND HIS were not emancipated. Gee what a loving father he was… as for his mistress and daughters, well, they were women and already had a lifetime slavery contract written by the Overlords.

Massa Tom and George Washington (and a lot of American political leaders) not only had slaves but were angered by King George placing legal protection on Native rights, especially with regards to treaties limiting expansion into Native Lands. Like Tennessee. Kentucky, The Ohio Valley. How DARE that Criminal Tyrant honor the treaties made while George Washington and “Light Horse Harry” Lee (Robert E Lee’s grandpa) were British officers and party to those treaties. If Davey Crockett was indeed “born on a mountaintop in Tennessee” then he was born an Illegal Immigrant. Same with Andrew Jackson. Yeah, haters, I get to cut my own family into this deal too. The Declaration called my family “merciless Indian savages” because we resisted against the Occupation. Haters gonna try to get folks to not notice the Haters ain’t any better than anybody else. So the descendants of slaves, and a whole lot of other groups, have the option now of celebrating a HUGE step toward Freedom, much larger than the backward steps which held people in slavery on July 4 1776. King George abolished any person being born or sold into bondage earlier. Actually Parliament did. What tyrants, eh? Effectively it would make the people already in English territories The Last Generation Of Slaves. And it was one of the property “Rights” Jefferson boo-hooed and mourned. By having the Revolution, he and Washington and Lee got a reprieve and were allowed them to rape their slaves unhindered any time they damn well pleased. Such a loving Founding Fathers group they made. Happy Father’s Day and Juneteenth.

King George went on to emancipate all slaves within the English jurisdictions in 1807. 58 years before the U.S. did. What a tyrant!

Of course monarchy is the ultimate form of slavery, and I won’t disown that notion. But, hey, if you’re going to prosecute someone for crimes, make sure you have the right crimes.

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