Why opinion polls don’t actually matter

Picture a vitamin commercial. It starts out with a very sketchy statistic. “80 percent of American men try to eat more sensibly” I changed the wording a bit. The 80% part stays. Then it states that 90% don’t eat and exercise the way they should. Is that 90% of the 80%? Which would be 72% of the total. Are the people who don’t say they try to eat better and exercise regular really obnoxious slobs who just want to survive until their first heart attack and just … oh, I’ll shorten that, lazy bastards with a gluttonous streak. But the real answer is it’s a push poll. It’s like every company in the world who uses Customer Satisfaction statistics get those numbers from a survey that is pointed directly toward people who take the time to finish the poll. Probably with a chance at winning something. Store credit, a sweepstake, reward points, whatever. The questions ask are you satisfied, highly satisfied, not so satisfied, are you really going to say Hell no I ain’t going to shop in your nasty little store or other company ever again now give my reward points… Of course not. The ones who fill out the forms for the poll are People Who Actually Like The Company.  The same with Other Products and Services. Like politicians. They’re bought and sold just like any other commodity.

The commodity in question is having a feel-good experience and willingness to be led, meekly. They’ll get the same satisfaction score. About 80%. With the vitamin statistic on the hot spot here, first, do they even bother to put small print disclaimers? It must be really damned tiny cause I can’t see it. How do we know they even bothered to poll anybody about their health attitudes?  If they did who did they interview and where? Perhaps at a Health Products store? and how would they get a 20% negative response? If they did their research entirely based on People Who Are Already Taking Supplements, sure they’ll get a large percentage to say they’re not getting proper nutrition from food alone.  Then there’s the 10% who think they ARE getting healthy nutrition without supplements BUT still are buying expensive vitamins.  What the Freak?

Tossing out numbers willie nillie and I was going to go with Shakespearean english which is where we get the saying. Tossing numbers into the mix, means NOTHING except being a way to keep your attention while they sell you more stuff. Or repackage the same political bullshit.

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