Wounded Warrior project, hear this:

Or just read it, since it’s text that’s probably the best way…  Anyway, you don’t need to kiss the ass of the Capitalist Establishment  which sent you to “liberate” people who just happened to have oil and other strategic minerals, fishing rights, for instance, ports-of-call, striking range to Other Targets that can be reached by drones, other missiles and light aircraft (as opposed to a B52 or ICBM coming over the pole). You don’t have to pretend for THEM anymore, you’re no longer under command, you can think and speak. You don’t have to tell people that you were fighting for our freedom. Freedom to Obey? Freedom to believe all the bullshit we’re told? Demand that the top 5% which would take  in every punk in the Military Industrial Complex especially the Petroleum and other mineral extraction industries… demand that They provide all your health expenses. They’re the only ones who benefited by the Invasion and Occupation of VietRaqIstan which we know is also at the root of the Libyan and Syrian conflicts (you gotta love that term right? It skates the Pentagon and their Masters clean out from under the Geneva and Hague Conventions and other treaties entered into by the US government and ratified by congress, thus having the same weight of law as  the articles of the Constitution according to articles 4 and 6 because it doesn’t make use of the word “war”.)

The arrogant rat-bastards set up a non-profit in order to a) present an illusion they actually give a damn and b) gull the 95% of the people who control less than 20% of the wealth into paying the bills for the use of Military serfs to make the entirety of THEIR profit margin.

I capitalized the Capitalists to differentiate between Them and us. They got the profits, they should get the bills. Simple as that.

Citizenship and the rights to free speech are given by God, at least under the doctrine put down by the so-called Founding Fathers. Nobody has to earn those rights, but you kids DID. It would puncture Their bullshit balloon with a quickness, and you know They shout down anybody who isn’t of military veteran stock. They’ll even do it to vets, don’t forget how They turned on Max Cleland.

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