A brief conversation at King Soopers back in November

Some kid (early twenties, maybe 30) saith unto me “What a day! We’ve got a president who isn’t a politician and legalized pot!” He seemed to be under the affluence of incohol but that doesn’t mean much. The important bit is that he had drank the koolaid. Giggled a little when I said Trump was going to sell him out on both counts. Now that Trump is ordering ummm.. Suggesting to his Cult that they assault and even kill immigrants, Muslims whether immigrant or not, Black Americans, the whole gamut.
And his Attorney General, “former” Klan booster Sessions, vows to use all the (Militarized) resources of the Police State to destroy the legalized pot. Mind, he shrieks “States Rights! STATES RIGHTS! GOD DAMN IT STATE RIGHTS!” when it comes to defiance of Voting Rights, or increases in the minimum wage, or even the existence of the minimum wage, abolishing public education (because Il Douche needs a base of people who are ignorant enough to believe his bullshit) and as Bush Jr said, “the bridge between religion-based hate crimes and State sponsored hate crimes” OK I paraphrased that last. And of course legalized marijuana. Doesn’t say boo (that’s a pun, kids, boo is an early nickname for marijuana) about moonshine. Of course that’s natural for a professional politician who tries to ride two horses at one time. In his career as a backwoods statesman, (that’s a southern expression roughly meaning “lying son of Satan”) he did a bit of herding cats. A huge portion of the Red States have some form of prohibition. Not of Slavery as in being owned by a corporate entity as in working on other peoples farms for free. But when and where and how much one could drink of Alcohol, with of course tobacco. So you get to be a slave of some really big corporations. Like Pete Coors who keeps running for office as “a common sense businessman” which is the tag-line for Trump. Coors is the biggest drug dealer in the world. And a good friend of Trump and Sessions.

And they wink wink nudge nudge say no more “regulate” it in order to keep the baptists, pentecostals and methodists in line and voting for Right Wing tyranny. Bootlegging is closely related, you buy alcohol in Ft Worth, where there are few restrictions on alcohol SALES and none at all on possession, unless you’re not very wealthy and have an open container, like drinking beer or anything else while walking down the street. But then you get in your car, truck or helicopter and hop your stupid ass down the road to Burleson, which is in Johnson County and is famous for the first American Idolatry winner being a citizen thereof. And the very rich kid who killed two people in a drunk driving incident and his lawyers got him probation because he suffered from “affluenza”. It gets worse as your going down the backroads to Alvarado, Cleburne, and some real hell-hole wrong turn towns. Where you sell the booze at a 100% profit. A faster way is to gain the trust of the local alcoholics in Ft Worth or Arlington and buy a few cases of beer and a few bottles of the harder stuff, and don’tcha know from midnight to 7 A.M. Monday through Saturday and from 12 midnight to noon on Sunday you’re the local liquor store. That’s in the “wet” districts. Because alcoholics are addicted. If the thus enslaved soul doesn’t get enough money through various scandalous pursuits (I get all this from churches, ok? It’s not like I make this shit up) or gets to the 7-11 or other purveyors of Demon Rum a minute after midnight, well, he’s stuck with a very painful period of withdrawals.

The “libertarian” bootleggers and moonshiners (those who make their poison on site and skip the tax registration) support prohibition. Vote for it every god-damn time. “Why?” you naively ask.

Because they make more money if they have the local Sheriff or other Police and Judges, universally corrupt, universally politicians, enforcing for you. Politicians like Sessions. And crackdowns on pot are part of that. Pot is easy to grow, they don’t call it weed without a reason. Cannabis Americana, also known as “ditch weed” is a feral plant. It also won’t get a fly high. Cultivation is risky in areas where Pot-hibition is in effect. Because it’s a very distinguishable plant. You can spot one from a hundred meters with no problem. Marijuana smoke is easy to recognize as well. It’s an easy bust when the local corrupt pigs want to make a raid to satisfy the Hen Committee at the Last Baptist Church in Burleson Texas. Bootleggers the same way. Mostly that’s a charade. A “High”ly violent charade.

You remember the “Walking Tall” bullshit propaganda? Yeah. Beaufort Pusser was just as corrupt as everybody else. There’s no such thing as an honest cop. They’re all either on the take, or ordered to look the other way when their Masters take their bribes. Enter, once again, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. Corruption on the hoof. And just like his entire career, he’s going to make money on prohibition, this time he’ll have nationwide powers OR SO HE BELIEVES to be bribed. His Royal Satanic Majesty knows that he’s on the way to hell, sold his moth-eaten soul long ago. He’s going to steal or extort enough money to be comfortable until that day. Same as Trump, same as Brownback, so does Perry, All the Bushes. You’ll still be able to score weed. Just at a drastic markup, like between 12 and 12 on a Sunday morning for beer and wine sales. And good ol’ States Rights proponent Jeff Sessions is going to get his cut. Believe it.

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