According to Yahoo news… like Master, like Disciple

So this woman in one of the Carolinas, after a long time in the sun (apparently) campaigning for everybody to bow and worship Trump, went into a Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. The Trumpistas are supposed to boycott Starbucks anyway, because Starbucks doesn’t allow extremists or anybody else to carry machine guns in their shops. Bad Starbucks! Very Naughty! Anyway, the Barista, not to be confused with illiteracy in any way, noticed the Trump tee shirt worn by the self-proclaimed “victim” and wrote on the cup, instead of the Trump disciple’s name, ‘build your wall’. The Trump girl got all pissy about it, crying and sniveling just like her Drama Queen president, that somehow somebody not agreeing with the doctrine of her Cult and saying so, even on the premises of a company who her Master tells her not to even enter, is somehow an assault and she and the Trump Cult are making a big hairy deal out of it.  One wonders how the Trump Temple of Hate finds so many crybabies.

It does, however, shed a glimmer of light on how Hated Hillary still got 3 million more votes than Donald.

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