Advertising slip-ups

This is me musing on other follies than listening to Donald Mussolini yammer about whatever stupid shit strikes his fancy for the moment. There’s a Debit or Credit card issuer supposedly giving an “insane” 10% cash back, two things leap to mind, the first is doing business with people who are practicing insanity is in itself insanity, especially a financial institution who can with a few keystrokes transfer all your wealth to some other account… even the funds not managed by their corporation… and the second  is if they’re giving a cashback incentive that means, in order for them to make a profit, they would have to be gouging you in the first place. Next on the hit parade, also a financial sector business, “an estimated 1 out of 3 cars in colorado are driving without insurance.” Ahem… cars don’t drive. People drive cars. There’s a difference. Want a neat analysis of this? You get one anyway, might as well learn to enjoy it. It’s a quantum correction.

In my limited  knowledge of quantum math, which nobody understands completely but everybody and every part of physical existence uses it, at all times., this is what it looks like…

What if the universe is unbalanced, by the false, insane or both information being put out, so the major slip-ups and even the smaller ones are just the quantum universe correcting seemingly unrelated phenomena ? Advertising is a pretty elite skillset and it’s got a fairly rigid structure as to who might be allowed to do large contract PR for products like soda, fast food or politicians. So they’re tightly interwoven in the first place. They’re on each other like ugly on a monkey. But in quantum theory as applied to communication, or any other activity, no use of language anywhere in the universe is any further from any other use of language anywhere in the universe. Or any other activity. Or object, space, time, mass or energy.

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