Affordable Care Act stands, And Standing Rock tribe vindicated by oil spill

Trump loses. America wins. I’ll fill this out a little, the Supremes apparently have signed off on the DAPL being poised to poison the waters, Corps of Engineers pursuing the Keystone pipeline, and all this after a massive oil spill in North Dakota. Which was today announced that it was 3 times bigger than first reported. Hmmmm…. I wonder if North and South Dakota cops will whine and snivel about having to pay for cleaning up THAT mess. They keep saying they won. But it’s not over and we’ve got a long job ahead to fight them back into their cages. It’s warming up a bit, and it’s not just due to the known fact of anthropogenic global warming. It’s getting politically hot.

March 24 (Reuters) – A crude oil spill in western North Dakota in December is now believed to have leaked about 530,000 gallons of oil, much larger than initially anticipated, according to an Associated Press report published on a local news website on Friday.

This is among the biggest spills in the state’s history, the AP report said quoting Health Department environmental scientist, Bill Seuss.

A crude transmission line was shut after a leak was discovered in a six-inch pipeline operated by Belle Fourche Pipeline Company.

The spill was earlier estimated to have leaked 4,200 barrels of crude.

The incident led to U.S. pipeline regulators ordering the company to improve leak detections, along with other actions.

(Reporting by Nithin Prasad in Bengaluru; Editing by James Dalgleish)

Hold on there, partners…. this is validation of the Standing Rock water protection camp. Big buffalo in the bathroom that nobody noticed but how exactly? By the way, that’s the ENTIRE article… there were huge articles condemning the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River tribes for blocking “Progress” with our silly little objections about pipelines leaking toxic chemicals into the drinking and agriculture and Wildlife Support waters all the way down the Missouri-Mississippi riparian environment. There were HUGE articles about how much money the investors in the DAPL get a 3-fold profit just on the stock price going up. Investors like Donald Trump and goofy-ass minions like Rick Perry. You know, those U.S. pipeline Regulators. The ones who just passed Executive Orders to kill off the Standing Rock “protest” AND any regulations whatsoever. Yeah, THOSE “regulators”.

Could that be the reason the pipeline leak has been covered up for the past 4 1/2 months? I mean, if we can’t trust oil company assholes like Trump and Cheney and Bush and Clinton and Perry and every other Rat Fucker involved in this fraud, who can we trust?

The term “In God We Trust” didn’t get put on money until the 1930s to shore up support for forcing schoolchildren to chant a prayer to a piece of cloth, aka “to the flag of the united states”. And to say that (if you object to the blasphemous idolatry) you must be a communist.

As much as they try to hide their collective guilt by taking the name of God in vain, it “leaks” through like oil from an unsafe, supposedly secured pipeline.

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