Almost unbelievable hubris

Then there’s the OTHER massacres, genocide, the only nation in the world to have successfully used Nuclear, Chemical and Biological warfare, deliberately, (as opposed to the Spanish and Portuguese introduction of Measles, Bubonic plague, Chicken Pox and Smallpox, accidentally and because Europe at the time was filthy.) But we’re supposed to believe that God has been the one to blame for all of the crimes done in His name. As though the totality of people world-wide have done since the beginning isn’t enough, they’re at it AGAIN selling the “patriot cross”. The cross as in the instrument of MURDER used by the Roman Republicans to kill Jesus and a literally countless number of others. All of whom were created in the likeness of God. The reason the number is ‘countless’ is that the first ‘Christian’ Emperor of Rome not only had people crucified, and the marriage of Church and State blotted out HIS abominations and any that were committed by the Triple Lie “Holy Roman Empire”. And that’s just one murder weapon. How many children (literally) of the Living God are going to be roasted in a device called appropriately “Hellfire” missiles, today? Not counting yesterday and tomorrow, just today.

Mene, mene, tekel upharsin. Mene, Mene, tekel peres

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this is for sale on a jewelry show I’m not going to name

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