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It’s a little bit flawed but it works. Robert E Lee could have made a few statements for Abolition and since he was wildly popular in the south it might have stopped the secessionists in their tracks. So I have a habit of posting my viewpoint on many forums. Like yahoo news. The New Confederacy is well represented there, usually very incoherent and really, on behalf of my white relatives, they should shut up and stop embarrassing everybody else who happens to be of the same complexion. And they bitch, whine and snivel that somehow yahoo is silencing and censoring them. I can’t tell… I guess some people see enemies everywhere. But this cat was a little more educated and less hate filled (I hope) and he responded to one of my posts.

It’s interesting that both of your names are of two Hebrews whose ancestor’s entire rise to prominence was based upon God telling them to raid cities and kill the inhabitants so that His people could inhabit the land that He promised them. There seems to be a bit of a disconnect between your understanding of ancient and more modern histories and the hand of God in it all. King George was able to outlaw slavery simply because he was King (and thank God he did!). But again, history. He didn’t outlaw slavery until Wilberforce, after many years of pleading, cajoling, deal making, and countless speeches on the floor of the House of Commons, was able to secure a vote in favor of abolition. The difficulty the colonies had in doing so was that each one was an independent government and that very independence was what the southern states were fighting to preserve. Yes, slavery was a central issue, but not the only one. But most all of the issues fell under the broader umbrella of independence and state’s rights.

Ah, intelligence! My screen name is from two prophets who were truly hateful and angry. God chose vessels who are bluntly flawed and I chose the names because it keeps me from being too big-headed. Jonah, after being told to preach salvation and repentance to Nineveh, which was a port city and had a huge majority of the population were slaves, and the nearest conquered nation were Israelites. He wanted God to kill everybody in Nineveh even his kinfolk. They don’t tell you this in Sunday School. He sat outside the gates and pouted because God didn’t destroy Nineveh. And the Bible leaves it at that. The only way it could be recorded, as the only human witness of all the events was Jonah himself, is that sometime somewhere else he repented. He didn’t flatter himself.
Elijah had a lot of reason to be angry. He took it to extremes and justified or not he was really angry and violent. Slavery could have been resolved simply by people Not Abusing Other People. Washington and Jefferson I pick on quite a bit because the Hate Mongers keep yapping about “founding fathers” and it’s like, “hey, we’ve got to take orders from long dead slaveowners! That’s the only way to interpret the Constitution!” There were 4 million people in the New Nation and in the first election 43,000 were allowed to vote, Most of the Haters, without a computer handy, couldn’t name more than 20 of the voters, who numbered a tenth of a percent of the population. It’s seriously flawed and I’ll be damned if I have to hold a seance to divine the Original Intent of people who aren’t my father but other people insist they’re collectively our father. I use the dollar bill as an example. It’s a literally graven image of a man called The Father and it’s called the Almighty. Our Father, which is art, in our pockets. Jefferson inspired the Abolitionists even Ben Franklin, a Quaker, so it was kept alive for three generations, simply by the preamble to the Declaration. Whether he intended it is immaterial. Lee’s grandfather and first commandant at the West Point academy, was counted as a ‘founder’ and like all the others flawed. He, Washington and Amherst conspired to use Smallpox as a weapon while they were still British Officers. Robert E, being the only cadet to graduate the academy with no demerits (I won $5 one time for knowing that) probably knew that. He could have been a powerful voice especially since most of the partisans didn’t see anything wrong with mass murder of Natives. So it comes back as the same debate, Robert Lee and Jackson are considered heroes for the haters. It might not be his original intent. Bedford-Forrest was very upstanding in his Hate. My Uncle Clay certainly was. The point being, I don’t have to follow the New Old Crusaders into battle and hatred. Just like Hitler didn’t have any moral duty to re-invent the Hundred Years War. We alive today can only be responsible for what WE do today. Do we hate and kill our fellow humans? The ‘or’ part is implied. Do we break the commandments by worshiping statues for good or evil, OR…. Do we use that statue worship to justify hate forever OR…. If the New Generation Confederates want they could have and still can simply buy the statues and put them in their own compounds. The Universities and Governments involved, especially considering the events of last Sabbath, they just might pay to have them take the statues away. The whole deal would be cheaper than any one riot.

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