Bannon said to believe in Apocalypse but wants to increase War Spending

On behalf of companies in which he and Trump are heavily vested. Of course. I was about to add the words or sentiment of Coming Very Soon to “the apocalypse” but it’s kind of redundant so I didn’t. Apocalypse and Revelation mean the same thing, and the event has already happened,  they mean the prophecy and not the actual end times events. A lot of people very obviously use the same words for the revealing/drawing back the curtain and PREDICTING the End of The World Order, and the actual event, and apparently Bannon does as well. So, OK, here’s the deal, and of course it’s not sweet. If the End Time and Tribulation are already started two things logically exist… That the Earth has less than seven years and ticking to get their hearts right, AND Bannon and all his disciples are betting on the Antichrist. Otherwise why would they be hoarding useless crap like gold and long term oil leases and wars to take the gold and oil from other nations which Bannon and his Satanic Cult don’t currently control? Because of course, such things of Corporate value won’t stop the destruction of Capital in such a scenario. Unless Satan triumphs. Of course, in the event of the end times NOT happening within our lifetime, the same thing happens. Bannon dies and leaves behind all his stolen money, I die and don’t take anything with me, see where this is going? The stupid bastards believe they’ll have to leave it all behind, that’s reality at its foremost, They Say they believe in God which would be superfluous if they aren’t going to follow Him, with or without a satanic victory.  Their logic stands on its own multiple heads.

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