California screamin’ on such a winters day

At a Trump rally in Berkeley California, somebody “talked back in an uppity manner” to the Fascist mob so the heavily armed and armored Militarized Pigs jumped in. As seen here in their body armor and jackbo err.. I must correct it “horrorshow stomping boots”

This will of course remind anybody that free speech is a privilege reserved for Trump and his brainwashed minions. One such supporter, a Mr Billy Hill, retired council member from Boondock County, said “Them thar hippie freaks gotta shut their damn mouths when their betters is speakin’… and to make it worse, some of them were Nigras an’ Mixcans… we done larned them not badmouth our Leader. Alle sieg heil am der Leader!!” Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, speaking from under the White House desk, congratulated the angry and very frightened mob and the Blackshirt publicly subsidized Private Militia police for their noble service to il Douche.

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