Chump Change

I’m flipping it a bit. This ‘change’ isn’t monetary, at least not directly. I got a wild hair yestereven  about Michael The Savage Weiner, right wing bloviation unit, something I noticed 6 years ago. His demented fan base had ascribed to him, on Wikipedia, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  And karate and kung fu but I don’t have the right amount of personal experience with them to out him. By the way, his fans aren’t retarded. Rabies, maybe. Definitely not very well educated. By the way, this is about the fact The Savage Weiner, simply by being such a right wing fanatic, does a lot more good for the Right Side, which is Left… he’s the ultimate provocateur. We don’t have to pay or instruct him  in any way. The Right Wing lunatic fringe takes care of that. How cool is that? The Tae Kwon Do was pure crap, he never took a lesson. But he let his nut suckers put that in his Wiki page. I know he never took a single lesson because to even attend the one or two free lessons to get started, you have to sign a paper which registers you with 2 archives in Korea and one in California, with your birth name and birth date. And the name of your sa bum nee and the do-chang. When you graduate from a no-rank beginner White Belt to an 8th Ke yub yellow belt, you get a certificate and the archives get copies. Beauty, eh? His fans showed what despicable liars they ‘truly’ are.

And they’re just chanting his slogans like good little brainwashed disciples. That’s a hallmark of Cult. But he’s still preaching, under the banner of Trump, the English Only movement. excuse me for a moment… OK I’m back. I laughed my ass off and had to pick it up and sew it back on.  His idiot fan club are largely (see, I didn’t even have to use a conditional like ‘most’) functionally illiterate. Can’t read or write on a 6th grade level. He’s doing for True Freedom of Speech what he did for autism awareness when he said the ‘kids’ with autism are 99% faking and should be slapped until they ‘cut it out’. AND, importantly, he also uses a universal inclusive that autism is non existent. See, think, think some more… there are hundreds of millions (about 2% of the world) diagnosed within the spectrum, and if only 1% of them were Diagnosed Correctly With A Disorder He Denies, that would still leave millions of people who, in his mangled linguistic statement, Don’t Exist. Where are they hiding?

With the English Only retards, he and they really shit the bed. They have to do a semantic dance around every facet of their stupidity. Things like “no immigration” but if they’re English by ethnicity, and in America, they’re the scavenger scions of Illegal Immigrants. “English Only” would wipe out (IF the Stupid ones like Trump and his pet Weiner ever had the power to enforce it) eliminate all persons, not merely our culture, but our physical presence. Most of the European ethnic people in America would have to leave, and blacks who were forced into immigration, and the “mexican reconquista’ who are actually mostly Indian as in Native Americans, from a time when there were no European arbitrarily assigned borders, the list grows longer every time you see a facet of the Stupid Agenda as preached by Trump, Weiner and their retarded followers. Who would the Elitist Punks like Palin, Bush, Trump, etc. get to do the work their lazy asses ain’t about to do? Who would they get to do the fighting they’re too effete to do themselves, in order to enforce the silly ass commands of their so-called Master Race? And the Right Wing Lunatics for whom they speak would despise Weiner if they think for longer than ten seconds (the threshold they have when it becomes really painful to think) and realize he’s ethnically Jewish?

But really, they’re stirring up the resistance, and, Mike, and your butt-buddy (not that’s any of my business) Howard Stern and Limbaugh and O,Really? and the other clowns in your circus, Thank you. The resistance needs people to use as benchmarks, as bad examples, to show and coherently tell, What Exactly we’re resisting. We need people like you, o Savage Weiner, pathological liars who are so twisted in the head that you actually believe your own lies.

The Right Wing have spokespersons who are really fucked in the head. They lie, they rant, they can’t keep their lies or the lists of Who They Hate in order. This is better propaganda for their opponents than anything anybody on the Left could invent.

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  1. Ann Ominous Ann Ominous says:

    Yeah, Savage is one of those dorks who will google their names every morning, narcissists of such a high order they should be called Trump.

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