Copelands Trump the Antichrist

Mayhaps that’s misleading. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland don’t say that Trump is antichrist. In fact they said any Christians who don’t support Trump are antichrist.  Amazingly, the Satanists have their own divisions, maybe not as stark as the Southern Baptists vs. The Catholic Mainstream vs. Opus Dei vs. LDS, but the ones I encountered on 6 June 1986 laid it out the same as the Copelands, only from a different perspective. It was on a Friday, there was a full Moon and Reagan was acting the ass, as usual, and I went to a party to see if I could score some acid. Which I did not accomplish. The party goers were actually having a religious event. By the way, June 6th of 86 was interpreted as 6-6-6. They had been doing a bunch of acid for a couple of weeks. Not anything new. To bring in a spoiler alert, Trump is said BY HIS SUPPORTERS to recreate the political IMAGE of Reagan. That’s Important and I’ll tell you why. Like Reagan, he boasts of having control of “the Mightiest military in history”, he believes himself to be therefore Annointed by God to rule the entire world (Just ask the Copelands, they performed the ceremony) and thinks of himself as invincible.

Or as it was posited in the Revelation to St John the Divine at Patmos (by the way, Assad maintains the shrine built by the Catholic Church on Patmos, Syria is a part of the Grecian Empire and the Muslims maintain a bunch of such shrines, including the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. So much for Muslims being rabidly anti Christian.) but I digress, from John… “who is like unto the Beast, and who can contend against him?” and the Beast had an image of himself, after being wounded in the head (Reagan) brought down fire from heaven (Reagan, White Sands Missile Range New Mexico, laser test in which a laser beam was bounced off a mirror on a satellite, back to White Sands and destroyed a missile on the ground) and created an Image of The Beast, which spoke like unto the beast and the whole world marveled.

At the party, the theme was laid out to me in exactly that order. The Satanic Bible differs from the Christian Apocalypse in one major point, they believe the Beast wins at Armageddon. The avowed satanists were celebrating that (they thought) Reagan would reveal himself as the Beast that evening. Plus it was a Friday, a full moon and you can guess the rest.

Christians like the Copelands who stand in agreement that Islam sects are in solidarity despite the obvious evidence, or Jewish people with their thousand and one variants (seriously, try to put Kabbala in the same category as Reform or Orthodox, or put Sufi, Sunni, Ba’hai and Shia all in one category) and let’s not forget the fragmented Christian faiths. Well?

I left the party and went up the mountain (this was incidentally in El Paso Texas about 40 miles from where the missile destroying laser was tested.) and stayed there until dawn. The world hasn’t been destroyed in the intervening 3 decades.

Donald Trump and his disciples demand that everybody in the world is obligated to obey him and his New Old Empire. Donald and his disciples: Y’all can line up and take turns helping themselves to a Texas-sized all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss my liberal ass

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