Courting the Supremes.

They seem a little bit peeved with the Trump agenda, especially the part about putting the SCOTUS under the Executive Command. Maybe Il Douche didn’t take civics or at least not seriously when he was in the “elite” academy in which he spent his boyhood wishing he was somewhere else. Something about separation of powers between legislative/executive/judicial and the powers held by the states territories and Indian Reservations. A little bit of quality education would have been just what he needed. Anyhow, they delayed judgment on Standing Rock, means they sent a note saying they’re not going to just rubber stamp his every whim. Also they’re probably afraid that some of the people they fucked over in the past might know how to find their poorly guarded castles, and would hang them in their own trees by their own intestines, watched by their families and while they’re still alive.

But they’ve had to deal with that for a very long time anyway. The Transgender lawsuit got kicked back to a lower court. Meaning they’re making a coward move. That and Gorsuch might not be actually ratified. And within a week of Gorsuch getting the nomination, Il Douche bawled him out three times.
That might make a big difference. judges have that one power, contempt of court, which is totally arbitrary and often childish. That and they can just rule any way they want just for spite.

Kind of like “O, you pissed on us, punk, well we’re gonna piss on you!”

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