DAPL isn’t paying their Mercenary Cops

I copied this directly from a post I made at antiwar.com. The empire is overstretched. If the R. Pauls, pere et fil, want to be the ones to do this, and it’s a tattoo on the breast of the beast, a target with the words “insert dagger here”. The SOUTH Dakota police who have been “volunteering” more like “volunteered by their commanders” at Standing Rock, aren’t being paid. Not by their supposed masters.The DAPL, with their half a trillion in assets, aren’t paying their mercenaries.The PRO pipeline yellow journalists let slip that “donations for the SD sheriff’s deputies who have been repeatedly deployed to Standing Rock” , supposedly to protect tho people of North Dakota, are trickling in. That’s right, the minions of the largest oil-money conspiracy of thieves are Begging The Middle Class of America for funds that their Masters should have just lying around in their desk drawers. We The People have been asked to bail out the Richest Corporate bastards in all of history. Spain at the height of their Conquista didn’t control so much of the world economy.

Given a math equation that works for just about any system, the Mandelbrot Root Set, If it’s happening to essentially the same organization as North Korea and South China Sea aggressors, meaning US as in U.S. have stubbed their toes. On a Rock that’s standing on South and North Dakota.

That’s a lot of analogies and alliteration all in one place. I haven’t had my coffee, sage and bear root yet this morning.

The Army and Police have supposedly got a “ragged band of holdouts” and they’re supposedly graciously giving them an opportunity to surrender. That’s a bluff. If there were only a couple of hundred people standing in their way, they would have no problem taking them out. An empty ultimatum.

So the Army should negotiate their own surrender.

We’ll give them better terms than they offered us

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