Donald Nicolae Carpathian Trump

He’s pushing it. Really. Trying to copy the Left Behind movie and the books which are supposedly like the movie. He even tried to tell the Pope what to do and also the Rabbinate. Benjamin Netanyahu for instance. Who had his own long history of pissing off the priesthood, (I’m bouncing around with their technical titles, any non-Hebrew/Aramaic translation of the Bible does the same thing by necessity.) There are in many religious circles, even Satanists, many heated late night sessions trying to divine the identity of the Antichrist who is scarcely mentioned in the Revelation. The Satanists who probably don’t represent the entirety of their cult, in El Paso in 1986 were very adamant that Ronald Reagan was to be anointed as AntiChrist. On June 6th 1986 which was a Friday and a full moon. You just THINK that it’s not important to anybody. To aid our readers who don’t play with numbers, dates and moon cycles, the very mortal and truly insane traitor to all mankind Ronald Wilson Reagan (six letters in each name) was in the process of doping america even more than usual, his son Michael (I believe, could even be wrong, but his sons were implicated as the biggest cocaine dealers in America in the 70s, and it helped that their daddy was governor of the state with the most coastline and land border and who had people thrown in jail with multi-decades sentences for selling coke, just not his sons) was the “connection” to Pablo Escobar, whose eventual demise is credited to members of the Reagan Regime, really (count the letters in those last three words) and as just in general Beast-ly behavior.
It was the 6th day of the 6th month of the sixth year (of that decade). See how easy it is to set that trap, or fall into it? But the Left Behind theme is easiest for Americans to recognize. Not that Trump is really a candidate for the title. There are others…

David Petraeus. After HE ordered the imprisonment and shocking slander of Bradley Manning for giving classified cover-up for the LIES Generally Betrays Us and CheneyBush The Many Headed Lie Machine and what they did in Iraq…. Petraeus subsequently, ok years later, admitted to having given classified material to his Russian girlfriend. And was never imprisoned. Unlike his victims who weren’t shot down by the army. There’s plenty of guys in Gitmo who have never been charged but never to be released and tortured at the whim of the ‘patriotic’ Military Interrogation squads. Who, you might have noticed, managed to get out of Real Combat but still get Army pay, medals, commendations, and all the victims they want delivered to them. See my previous entries referencing the FACT that Cops of any kind became cops for the same reason, they get sexually aroused by hitting people. So why did the General skate on the treason charge but not the Corporal? Enquiring minds want to know. But he’s got the name David, might be Jewish (I really don’t care, but for the narrative it would be important) and there are End Times interpretations that the Beast would be of the house of David, like Jesus and Ahab and the Herods. Herod the Great actually played that card. It’s a Jewish thing, did you really think you understand? Also a scion of the Roman Empire who abandoned the love of women and the gods of his fathers. I don’t know if he’s gay but the End Times interpreters like Tim LaHaye like details of that nature. For that matter, there is one who is the image of the beast who is set up and all the world must worship him. Petraeus and Trump have played the Reagan Image card. So did Romney. Both George Bush presidents.

I like putting that in because there’s a shitload of Reagan worshipers here and in Texas and it’s a real treat to piss them off. By the way, while the term cowboy doesn’t fit, neither does pussy or chicken because hey, cats and chickens are vicious and don’t back down. I really seriously don’t how they came to symbolize cowardice. Maverick means something the Republicans don’t want you to realize, A maverick is a stray steer without a brand, because Maverick was a real dick about that, you know, extra work, and he had a lot of free-range cattle who were unmarked. Except the steers. They started out being bulls, which is a big symbol for virility and courage and ferocity. If any Republicans, because their party co-opted the name, but if any Republicans have the attention span of a goldfish but still managed to concentrate long enough to read this, nanny nanny boo boo, stick your head in doo-doo.

But you see how it works, right? The Popes have been for a very long time the objects of spectulation about being the Beast. They’re easy targets. Now, suppose the donald is deliberately or stupidly putting on that exact image in order to draw attention away from the real Beast…. Hey, want another session of guess-the-antichrist? Steal one of LaHaye’s books.

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