Don’t fire until you see the white of their flag

A Canadian sniper has set a new record for remote killing by successfully hitting an unsuspecting target two miles away. Apparently the bullet took ten seconds to reach its victim. From two miles, even with a powerful scope, the objects of scrutiny would look no bigger than ants. Could the Joint Task Force sniper tell an army ant from a noncombatant? An insurgent from common civilian? Give the sniper a medal but it is poetic justice that these sharpshooters suffer debilitating PTSD with flashbacks of lives they voyeuristically truncate mid-sentence or mid-laugh, for no other justification than that the victim fell under their crosshairs.

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  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Michael “savage” Weiner says there’s no such thing as PTSD. Of course he has no military background. Which is good in a way, except he makes money as a propagandist. There are other ways to invite it into your brain and the rest of your nervous system. All based on the same premise, Pavlovian Conditioning. The part about the Military doing it, is so the soldier doesn’t freak out about his mission, which is always to kill somebody. They can “one off” it by being combat support, but it’s all about the killing. Did I mention it’s to counter the conscience so you don’t freak out… Until After You Are No Longer An Asset. They could conceivably keep it up for fuckin’ ever. But it takes (a village?) the cooperation of your peers, and you’re required to entrain their brains the same way they are required to “help” you groupthink. You’re required to confess any ‘sins’ like thinking for yourself, and you’re required to rat out your comrade if he ‘backslides’ into Normal Human individuality.

    It physically changes the structure of your nervous system. Your conditioning starts to deteriorate as soon as you’re not “in the group” but, you never get back through the ganglia to a pristine non-brainwashed normality. The Pentagoons and their minions don’t give a good God Damn about that, just as long as you’re useful.

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