Double Standard Oil

So some political hacks in the U.S. Government have sounded the alarm that Russian investors have gained the largest block of shares in Citgo oil. So, why the whining? These are the same outfit who demanded for generations that Russians become capitalist. There’s also the notion that has been promoted by many generations of United States based oil-heads that every drop of oil In The Entire World belongs to them. And there’s the notion that

  1. British Petroleum took over the investigation of the Deepwater Horizon corporate-generated murder of 11 workers and subsequently
  2. Thousands of dolphin deaths over the past 7 years and
  3. When the assholes blew up the unsafe rig through deactivation of the few safety devices and procedures because they cost more more than the usual profit margin for such a rig
  4. at that time the British Petroleum “cleanup crew” took over the scene of THEIR Crime and told all others, even the United States Coast Guard and Navy, who meekly bowed before their Corporate Masters and simply obeyed the orders which
  5. forbade any coverage at all showing the details of their destruction of the evidence against them which was enforced by
  6. Are you waiting on the edge of your seat? No? Well why the hell not…
  7. They ordered the U.S Navy to enforce their cloaking of their multiple murders.

So, does anybody believe that the Congressional representatives of the Oily Bastards are seriously worried that the Russian government is behind the takeover of Citgo? After a century (almost) trying to take every drop of oil in Arabia, Persia, Mexico, Venezuela, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, in fact all the oil in every continent EXCEPT for those European Royalty “owned” company towns like Georgia, (disputed) and Holland (Royal Dutch Petroleum, the afore-mentioned BP… and are laying claims to every mineral, water and timber “resource” on lands belonging to the First Nations in Canada and the U.S…. What do YOU think?

They’re led by the Founding English Invaders’ Descendants, who believe their crime families prior success in getting foolish peasants to fight for THEIR personal gain entitles them to anything they haven’t yet stolen. And they aren’t afraid to talk some more Peasants into killing anybody who stands in their way. But they’re worried about Russians cutting into their hustle. Imagine that.

Anybody who is in the Armed Forces and somehow still has a conscience, refuse to fight for these punks. Your nothing to them beyond being disposable and replaceable, just like any of their automated systems. Cannon Fodder.

And when a soldier or cop dies fighting to take Other People’s land, culture and other resources, they’ll show up at your funeral, make a fake show of grief, call you a Fallen Hero and whatever other shit they don’t mean or believe, but they hope to groom your kids to grow up to be soldiers just like their parents.

  • The Minstrel Boy to the war has gone,
  • in the ranks o’ death ye shall find him
  • His father’s sword he hath girded on
  • wi’ his wild harp slung behind him.

That’s right, they’ll get you killed by making you a human shield and then they’ll use your death as a propaganda recruitment show, so they can kill your kids too.

But, hey, don’t take it too hard. They kill our kids too. Have been doing it for 525 years. Only about 400 for the English. But you get the picture, right? The rat-bastards who conned you into attacking the Elders and all the others who stood against Your Fascist Pig Overlords and their plan to take every square inch of Indian lands the same way they did in Guatemala and El Salvador and Panama and are trying to do the same in Venezuela. Remember when they turned on Venezuela as a “rogue state”? It was when they nationalized their oil resources.

Remember Citgo and their role in that? Look it up. You remember when your proxy brothers-in-arms, the “contras” and the Death Squads supposedly liberated Nicaragua from the Nicaraguan people? Yeah. It’s involved. In the long record of history that’s almost simultaneous. Remember when your army murdered Pablo Escobar? He was their ally in their concurrent war on the inner cities of America, flooded America with crack cocaine. That would be called WMDs, Chemical Warfare, done against Americans, to consolidate or at least try to consolidate the Oil Company holdings. They do it to foreigners and American civilians and American military the same way. You’re just another commodity they buy and sell.

But they’re supposedly protecting America, as in all the citizens, even and especially the 99%, against a Russian corporation taking over an American corporation. They lie. You have nothing to lose but your chains. Nicaragua is a lot closer to Venezuela than North Dakota or even South Dakota is to Texas.

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