Drug Dealers enlisted in War Propaganda campaign, also some churches

So there’s this beer, popular among Mexican Americans, Modelo, which I never tried and don’t intend to do so… (beer tastes even worse on the return trip) but the founder or maybe he’s the current CEO, (much like Pete Coors whose grandfather made him “work” at the brewery, just like everybody else but Everybody Else did not have a guarantee of becoming CEO, real rags-to-riches ‘success’ story) but this dude has, unlike Petey Coors, a military background. Meaning the Government at many levels, especially the Pentagoons, are subsidizing his advertising because he injects Their Anti-American Fascist bullshit into his ads. That’s right, your tax money goes to pay for a Drug Dealer or more accurately All Purveyors of Demon Rum (the most common and most damaging drug-of-choice) to enhance his bank account.   They should be ashamed, but shame is a function of dignity, honesty, courage and pride. So they won’t be ashamed. One of the mythical Big Three automotive industry (formerly), the one which has a sheep head on the front which looks like the Gynecology chart portraying the working parts of female reproductive system, has a Militant commercial campaign already in process, but this latest one has some church being towed from the middle of a small Failed  1%er Town into the middle of a big field which is not supporting any crops or businesses, even though it’s at somewhat more than just a CROSS road, more like a confluence of several roads that looks strangely like a pentagram, and the field itself is at the corner of Bum Fukt Egypt and The Middle of Nowhere. What was the point of it? Are they displaying anti christian philosophy? This same truck model is used in the ongoing show Vikings, towing a long-boat filled with hopped up Bare-Sarkers who were drinking beer. Maybe mead, which is equivalent but not the same, and of course singing some song extolling Thor and Odin One-eye. And a bunch of commercials supporting the War On Terror.

One of Obama’s earliest propaganda mistakes was having a Beer Summit with a professor who got beaten up by the PIGS and the pigs who did the beating. There was a theme that everybody who used it believed he personally originated the the theme,  goes along with the Joe the Plumber Who Never Got Certified As Such and Silly Sarah who tried to teach Civics to 7 year olds and didn’t  get it right, and Drunken Ex-Pilot McCain who is most famous for crashing his plane while bombing the hell out of civilians including babies. The saying ‘I’d rather vote for somebody I can Have A Beer With’. Real ‘macho’ sentiments, eh? Ignoring that aside from reducing your IQ it also trashes your testosterone.

Funny thing about that, they’re like Hitler in their rants about ‘rampant homosexually’, the ‘darkening face of’ America but the theme as put forth by der Fuhrer in “mein kampf” and the use of drugs and other decadence…. and there was the truly Racist speculation about Mr Obama’s religion, (Muslims are officially not allowed to drink the ferment of fruit or grain) but… You remember the Wall Street Darling Boy Romney, the next opponent for Obama? He’s Mormon. Mormons also don’t (officially) drink alcohol or coffee or tea or other drugs. But officially, Islam, Judaism, Christian and all religions prohibit drunken behavior AND… forbids killing. Unless of course God say to do it. Funny how that works, right? Every time somebody says that God Himself says to kill the Other People whichever Other happens to be the current enemy, …. people who say God tells them to Kill and are in individual killing spree mode are considered insane. Officially.

Why would God send such a message to a Religious Leader (or the Lone Wolf Fanatic) to pass it along, and not just tell everybody at the same time?  Funny how those commandments are always to kill or break some other commandment, and never something about, you know, being nice to other people and thus get rewarded by other being nice to you? They lynched Jesus for saying that. Never lynched Joshua, Othniel, Gideon, Samson, David, (who replaced Saul who had the same ‘blessing’ until David had him killed) for saying Kill These Other People Or Else. Even when it meant killing Other Jews. Which was the single most used theme in the Bible. Want to start a crusade on a nation which has resources like oil or trade routes, but they happen to be Members Of Your Own Religion? Easy peasy, all you have to do is have a vision that the Others are apostate. Heretics, blasphemers, secret drunkards, get enough stupid people to agree with you and wham bam, that’s a war by damn.

Make a few million Taxpayer Dollars disappear into your bank account,  put obedience to the War Elite into your own messages, selling your hatred, religion, drugs or what the literally Hell else, get rich. That’s the formula, right? Whatever else you can or did say about Mr Obama, the Beer Summit showed that if he is indeed Muslim it doesn’t make two shits. He would be a renegade, which is French for an oath-breaker. Also quite a lot of Muslims, Jews, Christians, any cloak for their dark spirits, despise somebody for being left-handed. Like Mr Obama. For some reason that’s a big issue. Pete Coors is the CEO of the biggest seller of Alcoholic Beverages in the world. That would make him the biggest drug dealer in the world. The anti-drug warrior cops, I don’t know or care, but they probably got tired of Pete Coors drooling too much while licking their boots. I write this not to shame those who drink. That would be hypocrisy on my count.

For a decade I got intoxicated regularly, just not with their drug of choice.  I’m expressing my disdain for hypocrisy and hypocrites, especially when it involves killing and other forms of hate.

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