Entertainment — DickBerry is demanding a recount of “stolen” student council election at Texas A&M

Because the guy who lost the election was the scion of a prominent Trump $upporter. Money can’t buy everything, dude, get over it. Also the winner who “stole” the election is gay. Which offends Perry because he’s very sensitive about who is having sex with other adults. So he dropped all his official duties of hiding further American strategic arms agreement violations. Maybe we’re selling nerve gas or nukes to some third world Hereditary Dictator like Queen Elizabeth 2. And dismantling all the safety and environmental laws which would mean his comrades in the oily business won’t have to clean up their big nasty mess. It does have a sinister side, though.            One of the biggest money makers A&M has is ROTC. This ain’t the JROTC you know and loathe from high school. No sir. This is actually being in the army reserves. You might, if your age is =/> than mine, remember the theme “Pigs Off Campus!” Technically it’s an agricultural college. But there’s the militarization and, this is important…. Trump is their Commander in Chief. So, will DickBerry pull the punk ass move of getting his stepdaddy Donald to clean up his mess? (again)

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