Facebook’s Zuckerman sues neighbors to sell him their land in Hawaii

OK not as drastic as the US annexation of Hawaii, a sovereign nation, by a “response to abuse of U.S. business citizens” just like the annexation of Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, The Philippine Islands, the Portuguese and British occupation of Honq Kong and Kao Lung,  a third of the land formerly the territory of the Republic of Mexico, ok… enough of the being nice, every god-damn square inch of American territory, at government subsidized gunpoint and a great deal of murders and enslavement for the exclusive benefit of “business citizens” like George Washington, Light Horse Harry Lee (Robert E.’s grandpa and first commandant of the U.S. Army Academy at West Point) Jefferson, Jacson, Hamilton, Polk, Madison, Donald Trump, The Bush, Prescott, Cheney and other Rich-Bitch servant-raping criminal families, and now,  Zuckerman. He’s apparently got the Kangaroo Kourt Kommittee in Hawaii convinced he really needs to have the already stolen properties next to his own stolen property.  I have a neighbor just down the street, a “block buster” real estate developer who gets the Code Enforcement and Colorado Springs Police and El Paso County Sheriff’s office and the Courts to force people off their land and force them to sell to him at HIS price. Tears down the existing homes and builds Gentrification McMansions.

Of course he’s not the only one.  Their modus operandi is to keep harassing the residents by constant complaints to Code Enforcement, who are just another Publicly Subsidized private Mercenary force, keep them in a state of constantly having to answer court summons for his bullshit charges, you know, the people who have to actually WORK for a living and have to take days off from earning their bread by honest labor to attend court hearings, he himself has a sleazy ass lawyer to attend.

And builds the most gaudy oversized overpriced overboard cheaply made shoddy houses.

Hey, you know who that reminds me of? Donald Tr… nah, I’m not going to rehash his own shoddy business ethics. This time at least.

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