Flynn Finally Flea-Flicked? Freakin’ Fantastic! but why Petraeus?

I guess the shadow President prefers loyalty to the Imperialist Agenda rather than loyalty to the American people, but that was predicted long ago anyway. Also performance and ability aren’t factors. Petraeus, you might remember, in 2007, was the subject of a MoveOn half price full page editorial statement, because he was and appears to still be the face of the Bush jr Neocon war machine and the war on Iraqi Freedom / Self Determination, the propaganda reason the British used in World War One but not Won. “That small nations should be free” which was bullshit but that was well known at the time too. The Arab and Persian kingdoms created by the defeat of Turkey were pointedly set up as monarchies Like King Faisl of Iraq and the Pahlavi family in Persia and Saud and the well, you know the rest or can look them up. The Royalty in those Brit-American created states were warned to give their Oil fields to the British and American corporations. Much the same way the US demanded other oil possessing nations like Mexico, Venezuela, the Choctaw and Chikasha and so forth nations be given to Standard Oil. Ties in neatly with tomorrow’s headlines. Petraeus aka Generally Betrays Us, now, hmmmm

FOX had a week-long OUTRAGE! segment where every neocon, neo-nazi, Klan group and the Oil Industry denounced the New York Times because they supposedly were giving a free or actually half-price endorsement to the Democratic candidate, who wasn’t even announced, any of them, as a candidate until 6 months later anyway, to run against the similarly Not Announced Republican candidate to take up the mantle of King George The Stupid. Generally Betrays Us was their main spokesman. Ollie North, Traitor Supreme and also war criminal, had many hours screeching and Bill O’Reilly had even more hours of his neck vein throbbing with his mouth wide open and bitching and whining about anybody who dared speak against the Bush Agenda… which was and still is the Project for the New American Century, aka PNAC. Ann Coulter, expert in nothing, got to speak glowingly about how the First King George of the U.S., The Unquestionable Founding Father, whose every reported brain fart is enshrined as much as the tablets of the Law in the Ark, would have hanged all the Traitors in MoveOn AND the New York Times…

And Petraeus. Petraeus, at about the same time the Empire was seeking the death penalty for Manning, for High Treason, and wound up giving him long prison time… Petraeus at that point or soon thereafter admitted that he had given classified reports to his Russian mistress.

AND WAS NEVER CHARGED. Rank hath its privileges.

And now is being vetted to replace Flynn. Maybe our Beloved Representative and Known Klansma ummm.. Patriot, yeah, that’s ticket will ask a few questions of Mr Petraeus at whatever confirmation hearings the Congress does before rubber-stamping any Cabinet Picks.

Then again, maybe I’ll flap my arms and fly to the moon.

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