Gorka got the (jack)Boot after being outed as NeoNazi

The “after” part being 6 months which, for those keeping score, was right at the election. So, how did Trump and his other idiots not realize their comrade was a Nazi? Or for that matter he keeps making opinions on Arabs, which he uses (apparently) interchangeably with Afghans, Africans, Egyptians (African) Libyans (again, Africans) Persians, Indians (from India AND apparently Native Americans) and certain sects of Christian and Jewish faiths. Now, in the Passover there’s a tradition for the eldest son to recite the story, a shortened one, of the Exodus and starts with “Our father was a wandering Arabian” meaning Abraham was from the Arabian peninsula and was probably a Kurd. I can see the source of the confusion, can you? Then there’s the Christians AND Jews in most Arabian countries and North African and Persian and India. There are a lot of Muslims in those countries. Which comes to the next point, he spreads Crusader mythology as though it was actually Pure Truth. Which brings on such foolishness like the Children’s Crusades, where the original Pied Piper comes in, a German teen who probably ate a few too many mushrooms, or Belladonna berries (common in medieval folk medicine, Bella Donna is Italian for beautiful lady, in the latter part of the Dark Ages start of the Renaissance the stylish ladies used it as an eyedrop to make their eyes wide open. Acid Trip type wide open.) (the huge increase in sightings of The Holy Family by women was obviously not the result of dropping hallucinogenics, literally, you know) OR the kid was drinking Katholic Kool-aid. His message was that the reason for the Crusaders getting their collective arse thoroughly kicked, repeatedly, wasn’t anything to do with the fact of Crusader on Crusader killing sprees, it was because the crusaders were not filled with child-like purity and of course they weren’t diligent enough in killing Jews and Christian heretics. So he got a lot of kids killed and or sold into slavery. Out of this stew of radical thought… comes stupid trash like the Aryan Nation and the Klan and the many incarnations of the Nazi Party.  Like Republicans and the Historical Vitezi Rend, a far-right Hungarian extremist group that the U.S. State Department lists as being “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” during World War II, and our poor persecuted friends in Ukraine. Which of those last two named groups does Gorka consider moderate anti-terrorist allies? Trick question. It’s Both. He touts himself as an expert in Arabian policy and religion but doesn’t speak Arabic. The Candy-ass In Chief touts him as a genius, “I don’t have to know about government policy myself, I hired the smartest experts to do it for me!” he said. Many times. “What an ass” I said. Many times.

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