Gorsuch already on Trump Shit List

They think they bought the government outright, but the arrogance is pulling their scheme apart. Every executive order is being denied in the court. OK challenged in the courts.The same courts that are so right wing the thief cartel thought they had a solid judicial rubber stamp machine going.

Even Gorsuch has been chewed out for disagreeing with The Plan. Less than a week since he was nominated for SCOTUS.

Maybe it would be best described with a physics exercise… If all the mass on the Right isn’t enough to tip the scales to the Right, they really need a longer lever. Because they’ve not got the capacity to actually add more mass. It seems they’re discarding a lot of mass due to their inadequate leadership.The ones who didn’t already quit in disgust are being steadily and deliberately pushed out.

And they’re using up all their energy to do it.

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