Hello…. Exxon loses lawsuit (in banker court) asking 1.4 billion from Venezuela

Like the massive oil company slapdown almost a century ago, in the 20s and 30s, in Mexico. They, like Exxon in Venezuela, went so far as attempted coups and sometimes completed assassinations, backed by U.S. Banks and Goverment entities, like the army, (no real difference in their chain of command, if you’re a soldier or sailor or airman or marine, you’re just a minion to them) in support of bringing back the Porfirio-Diaz corrupt Fascist Regime. At the time of the Mexican revolution led by Doroteo “Pancho Villa”Aranga, in the north and Emiliano Zapata in the south, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal and the U.S. had Fascist governments. You can replace the term “Banker Thieves” for “Fascist”, the terms are equivalent. There were many more. Most of the Balkans states, for instance.

This bears greatly on a few other contemporary issues. Standing Rock leaps to mind. All of Oklahoma.
Fracking. Coal exploitation. Water issues around the world. Cheney is suing several Pan-American countries over water he believes is now the property of his company. ofwhich Rick Perry was the protector paid by not only the People of Texas but everybody in the United States. The same way OTHER Puppet Dictators around the world.

Now, this is a ruling of the World Bank. Whoa, there, cowboy, THE bigpigs of the financial universe?
Yep. Them’s the ones. (I actually talk like a hillbilly. Don’t be fooled by it) But, in the water and mineral rights lawsuits, Capital is bowing down to that wicked ol’ Socialism. Not because they WANT to, but because they’re running their privately owned Fascist dictatorships. Like Colorado, Texas and the rest of the United States. Their quite frankly use of American military as their own personal Assassination Bureau, isn’t funded. They’ve been subsidized by the lower 85% paying taxes and fees versus the 15% who have more funds than the rest of us combined… Maybe some in the lower echelons of that 85% actually pay some sort of taxes. But, as my brother said, the one who manages a crew of ‘lumpers’ (the guys who unload/reload trucks) paid 11,000 dollars more in taxes than General Electric did for the past 3 years. Well, that IS his quote.

The World Bank has used every kind of counting devices and algorithms, but they’ve come to the conclusion that Money Is Not Infinite. Endless Economic Growth is Not Possible. All of you who bought into the save-20%-of-your-income and at least have enough, with after-fees and after Market Corrections, to retire when you become elderly or disabled…. well, they lied to you. Great big thirty-mile-long Pinocchio nose level of lying. You didn’t sell your soul for a jelly roll… hell no, the rat bastards took the jelly roll as well.

It’s the fall of capital. Well, you know, like the tee-shirt says, shit happens. The available resources are going to change hands. prepare for it.

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