Houston voters told to ‘shut up’, Barton told “bitch, you work for us!”

Civil Rights and protection of all human rights aren’t a state issue and nobody in Texas god-damn better ever question the Republican Supremacy or they’ll be told to shut up. But the people said otherwise. The question involved Barton voting against protection of women from violence. It seems almost beyond reproach, in the vast majority of cases, men are larger than women. Given that most people don’t take martial arts (if you wish to dispute it, I would suggest cruising the lists of the Tae Kwon Do associations in Korea. See the proportion of American men vs American Women studying it. And while you’re looking, check on Michael “Savage” Weiner who claims to have a black belt in TKD.) When neither party is a student of self defense, the smaller person loses. I mean, I was 7th Kyub, which sounds impressive if you don’t speak Korean. You go from a white belt, no rank because you’re just starting, to being a yellow belt which is 8th Kyub, then 7th, then 6th, 1st is a red belt with one black stripe, then you get 1st Dan and the next step up is a black belt. But, yeah, a large man hitting a woman or a child is the usual setting for the crime. But Texas for some reason wants to keep up the macho bullshit. The bill would make it an aggravating circumstance for a man hitting a woman. Really, it’s rare for it to be a woman assaulting the big guys. There was a kid in my class, a 6 or 7 year old girl name Meztli. Meztli was almost to a red belt. She could have beaten me down and made it look easy. That’s training.  But hitting people is stupid anyway. That’s another thing you learn in TKD. It’s like that Cheech and Chong routine about “boot to the head”. This could be conceivably be a free advertisement for martial arts. But Barton,… well…

going all fascist on the people you supposedly represent, as the people at the Town Hall said, bad medicine, son, bad medicine. Maybe you want to beat up on your wife and kids and face no consequences. Too bad, punk.













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