I think the Stovall twins, Joe and Mike, might have done the right thing.

In the obscene worship of the Holy Police State and the new sainthood granted to the most violent and racist pricks imaginable, there’s the notion that they murder people, beat people up in isolation cells then make up criminal charges against their victims, laugh about it when they’re doing it and lie about it afterward. And the Kangaroo Kourts back up these darling saints. Joel and Michael were defending their sister from an assault by a Fremont county deputy. That’s the same department who later murdered John  Walter. The Pig-loving “free” press called it Cold Blooded Murder but their Pigs get all the benefit of the doubt. The Moron in Chief stated a week before the sham election that the Central Park Five should be lynched for a crime they didn’t do, the State of New York never proved them guilty, but they were responsible, from behind bars, to prove their innocence. That SHIT about “innocent until proven guilty” is a chant the Fascist White Supremacists who surround Mr Trump. It’s a lie taught in schools and in the media, all of the media  and the Trump Base gleefully agree that even the sham trials which we are grudgingly permitted, in front of a jury sworn in advance to convict, unless the defendant is a cop, should be bypassed by “citizens committees”. So when the Black Bloc and Antifa and Black Lives Matter formed their own Citizens Committees in their neighborhood to monitor the Gestapo who were appointed over us, without our consent, the Klan and their comrades formed the Safe Streets Initiative to threaten anybody who even associates with Antifa and the Black Bloc with “dire consequences” and still spew that propaganda lie that there’s actual liberty and justice for all. Well, ‘safe streets’ Gestapo, I’m disagreeing with you, what are you punk fascist rat bastards going to do it about it? I’m calling you moronic cowards out. Get Some, Bitches. But you’ll probably hide behind your corrupt mercenary cops and courts.

. I’m glad they blew away the Pig 16 years ago. One less Nazi in the world. If he had survived he would have participated in the John Walter murder. And the post-murder masturbation session you pigs have when you beat somebody down while he’s handcuffed and helpless. You get sexually aroused by it but I bet a donut you’ll deny that too. You beat somebody down, often to death, and beat each other off afterward.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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14 Responses to I think the Stovall twins, Joe and Mike, might have done the right thing.

  1. Maybe the cops could chill out, stop being power-tripping murderous cowards, get real lives and in general become productive citizens. Anger is not hate nor madness.

  2. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    You”re a one year old poopy head so there! No’ really, have you considered becoming a grown up? Instead of a scared childish servant of the police state?

  3. Avatar Fuck you says:

    Wow. This is not only the shittiest written article I’ve come across but the author of this poorly written article is the problem in today’s society.

  4. Avatar Anthony Stanley says:

    You anti-government assholes – AKA – anarchists, are the problem. Whatever your complaints may be, killing people for doing their job is inexcusable. Engage a lawyer, but stop shooting people who just want to live a decent life.

  5. Avatar Real Person says:

    Bunch of Snowflakes ruining gun-owner-rights by assuming they have all the answers – YOU PEOPLE are giving RIGHTFUL GUN OWNERS a BAD NAME. Please, Follow Your Leader ( hitler ) and go blow your self away.

  6. Avatar jonah says:

    I sense you believe, with the back-the-badge fascist mutants want me to obey YOU and your Klan.
    you know, those who later beat John Christopher Walter to death and got away with it. Your uberfuhrer Trump gave amnesty-in-advance to psychotic pigs like
    Joe Arpaio and Terry Maketa …and the Seal who stabbed a bound and badly wounded 13 year old prisoner in Afghanistan … the kid wasn’t given a Geneva Convention hearing No Due Process … same with Arpaio and Maketa’s victims, and the children dying in the ICE concentration camps, and John Walter…
    The afghanistan atrocity leaves the door for revenge. Cops of any type become cops because they get sexually aroused by hurting and dominate people, and they, like YOU are too cowardly to engage in fair combat. They, like YOU, need backup. That’s the truth and you know it.

  7. Avatar Irish girl says:

    This is just reversed racism. Who do you call when you need help? Who’s protecting your pathetic existence and putting their own lives on the lines. Yeah that’s right, law enforcement. There’s good and bad everywhere including in our law enforcers. It isn’t right to punish everyone who doesn’t agree with your ridiculous rant. I was rapped by a black man when I was young. I wasn’t looking for it and wasn’t trying to bring any attention to myself, this man was just a rapist and had done this to several women. So did I deserve it? No! Yet I don’t discriminate against black men. I have many friends that happen to be black, Hispanic etc. You’re absolutely wrong and your beliefs are the same beliefs that are ruining our country. Trump doesn’t control your thoughts, you do. This is probably how you have always felt towards whites and law enforcement but just waiting for a ridiculous reason to start throwing your tantrum about it. My guess is you’ve been in legal trouble and haven’t taken responsibility for your actions but blame everyone else but yourself. Stop pulling the race card! Slavery was over 400 years ago and you and no one else in this country was alive for it. Get over it! Btw if you knew any real history, Hitler killed everyone that didn’t fit what he believed to the ideal race. Which meant he killed whites too, more than any other race in fact. He was a sick and twisted individual and he absolutely deserved death. So because of people like you eventually our country is an easy target for other countries that don’t like the US. So where will you stand when our country is attacked again? Will hide like the coward you sound like or will you stand behind our military and law enforcement fighting to protect our people? People should really think before they speak

  8. Avatar I. Cinseere says:

    I agree with you. The author is a punk POS!

  9. Avatar I. Cinseere says:

    Irish Girl…well written. Thank you

  10. Avatar Mike Botelho says:

    Wellsaid ,the author of this n people like them are the reason ,why,we have so called police states,and the reason the govt wants law abiding,upstanding private citizens right to bear and keep arms away!! I love how ignorance n hate blame the present President..Trumps not the greates,im 100% DAV but I was taught to respect the office

  11. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    I knew John Christopher Walter, and I witnessed the torture the Canon City PIGS put on him until he died. By Sgt Greene, Cpl Maas and Cpl Hudspeth. None of those Gestapo sadistic PIGS were arrested for MURDER. And John Walter isn’t the only one, not the first and not the last. The PIGS get sexually aroused by torture. From the practice of 3 PIGS holding down a handcuffed victim while a 4th kicks him in the face. Never one-on-one, pigs are too cowardly. They make videos so they can masturbate each other, it’s porn for you. Back the Badge cowards like you help them get away with torture and murder. The Ku Klux Kourts where you get a ‘fair and unbiased impartial’ hearing before your lynching… y’all Skinhead pig-lover punks can each bend down, put your head between your legs and kiss your own ass. Because I ain’t going to do it.

  12. Avatar Eric Rearden says:

    There are cops who commit murder and they must be held accountable. There are around 700k active law enforcement officers in the US. There are obviously some bad eggs in the basket. This ‘!author’s is nothing different than others who want us to turn against all law enforcement because of the actions of a few. Do we view all school teachers with disdain because a few abuse kids? Of course not. Goes the same for any other legitimate profession. This guy has hitched his wagon to the anarchy wagon and it has given his life meaning. The mistake law enforcement made in the Stovall brothers case is not making sure they were unarmed when putting them in the squad car. Perhaps naive, or intimidated by the Stovall clan protesting the arrest. In hindsight, he should have called for backup and waited. But, nothing, (hear me Anarchist) justified executing a police officer, attempting to murder other officers and putting everyone in their proximity in danger. You can spout your hatred of all law enforcement, but murder is murder. Stovall brothers were (are) bad, through and through. If they didn’t kill a cop, they would have killed someone else eventually. The injustice is that they are still alive.

  13. Avatar jonah says:

    they were under fire when they Fought Back.
    I know them, you don’t. I would apologize for not idolizing the Fascists but it would be insincere. If they had not returned fire they and their sisters would have been killed.

  14. Avatar Beautiful Disaster says:

    Joel and Michael Stovall were NOT defending their sister from a deputy. They shot a dog for no fuckin reason and then killed the cop who was bringing them in when he wouldn’t stop and let them out of the car otw to the police station.

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