ICE and TSA racist scum still jacking with Muhammad Ali Jr

Same thing, yank him out of line, take him to an interrogation room, with armed guards and locked doors. That’s imprisonment, right? I know a woman in Texas who held the arm of another person to keep that person from leaving, and it was called Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Kidnapping. And spent 5 years in prison.    But hey, the pigs are endowed with privileges to do it to anybody they god-damn please, and beat or even kill the person if he or she even talks back. The TSA racists did as all racists do, said it wasn’t about unlawful punishment for what’s supposedly freedom of speech and religion. Or racial profiling. Oh, no, the PIGS are too squeaky clean to do anything like that, they’re just protecting his rights. I bet the Back the Badge and Blue Lives Matter Klan-associated Fascists who occasionally read this are screaming at their computer screens because somebody suggested that they’re not Pure and Righteous Angels sent from God Himself.

They’ll be in hell with their god Hitler.

Oh, and I waited a week or so to see if the pigs actually apologized, compensated him for their repeated attacks on his freedom and safety, and punished the offending pi… ummm .. Officers.

But they didn’t so I’m not waiting any longer.

TSA, ICE, why don’t you punks man up and publish the names of the offending officers?

Actually, it’s because they’re chickenshit bitches. That question was rhetoric.

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