Intellitech College still recruiting students for really crappy jobs

It’s how we know the economy doesn’t actually exist in any meaningful form. I might have written much the same thing 9 years ago when the Banks took us into a Great Recession or Massive Market Adjustment by buying debt, bundling it, and selling the uncollectible debt as though it was cash. But Intellitech makes the commercial claim that you, too, might enter the exciting and great pay and all that shit about HVAC technicians. “Work in schools, industries, businesses, all of which have non-working air conditioning in the heat of summer and you’ll be melting into the tar up on the roof and/or working on the inside part which is so hot it makes Hell feel like Antarctica in the middle of winter.”  Like the Army recruiters. “come and die protecting the wealth of complete assholes who have individual bank accounts which outstrip the economies of the Third World countries you’ll be murdering the citizens thereof”.

My advice is as always, when they advertise training for shit jobs like fixing air conditioners in the middle of summer or murdering babies in some third world country you never knew existed…. just say no. Or maybe tell them no, and add that they can fuck themselves with a bayonet, sideways so it hurts more. Let all the Wall Street punks go and fix their own damn HVAC units, dig their own coal, actually create wealth instead of mooching off the workers and anybody who actually pays taxes. And they can just go out and rent some planes, buy some guns with their own bloodstained funds and jump out over Iran. And if they’re really nice we might let them have parachutes.

Donald Trump and Rick Perry can show them the way.

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