Interesting little tidbit the MSM ain’t going to ‘trump’et… war on christmas

Don’t give your rugrats a bunch of toys. Simple answer on my part would be “you’re teaching them to be greedy and when they grow up you’ll never be able to supply their demands for more crap.” Greed is a nasty little attack on the soul. Makes a really suitable platform for hatred. But the article to which the link belongs, is an actual psychiatric study about toddlers and the notion is that kids who have fewer toys use their minds more efficiently because they learn original thought rather than the “independent” thoughts they get from the toy manufactures. In a related deal, I got an email from somebody who, for a fee, will send your kids personalized letters FROM Satan Claws reassuring them their ‘letters to Santa’ were received and the elves are working on it… And again, for those who might have forgotten or never read my viewpoints about the christmas scam, I read the Book, m’kay? And in the book there is no mention of a morbidly obese Elf-changeling nor flying reindeer, mistletoe, talking snowman, you know the spiel. One of the things the Dominionists spew from what out of charity I shall call their “faces” is a really stupid quote from a racist puke named Cotten Mather, with his analogy of America being the New Jerusalem, the “shining city on the hill”. And all the while whining about what they say is the War On Christmas. They can take that back to the pasture where they picked it up.

Yes, that’s a bullshit reference. I’m typing really slowly because the target audience can’t read very fast. The dominionist crap merchants like a certain Air Academy priest named Andrew Carter, who also sells Death, (that’s what chaplains do) indoctrinate the ignorant how to hate anybody who doesn’t agree with the Dominion Doctrine, really a full-blown nazi, but I do digress… They slide away from the fact that Cotten Mather got his ass kicked out of England because the Puritans (and Pilgrims) don’t celebrate christmas or easter or any other baptized pagan festivals. As do all mortals, myself included, he was flawed. In a way that pisses me off. He also said native americans aren’t actually people because we’re not listed in Genesis. Big hairy deal except he included natives in is witch hunts. Said we’re a construct of Satan without a real soul. There is a big mess in ‘christianity’ because of that and similar doctrine. Polar bears and penguins aren’t mentioned in Genesis either.

To make a long story longer, one of the doctrines of the LDS church (Mormon) is we’re descendants of the “lost tribes”. The books of Ezra and Nehemiah covered that, the ten tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel aka Samaria are still there, but mingled into the other nations, mostly also Semitic descendants of Abraham (the haters ought to crack their bibles open before spouting off in my general direction) which are STILL there. I don’t meddle with family infighting.

Merry Everyday. God Bless Everywhere and everyone, no exceptions. Don’t give your kids a lot of toys. It scrambles their brains and they wind up being soldiers.

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