Korea and Standing Rock

They were in a tough spot before. The Koreans, first. Because they’re the ones Trump and his accomplices say they’re going to demolish and whatever macho bullshit they want everybody to believe. But in 1949 they were in the business of rolling the entire rest of the world into one gigantic ass and proceeded to kick it. Yeah, China helped, and so did Russia. And the world was in deep doo-doo about recovering from a particularly nasty war. So what, Korea and China and the Soviets were in the same boat. So our really stupid warmonger in chief is threatening them. Sure the dynamics aren’t the same as 1949. For one, we’re in debt further and deeper than all of human history combined. The American people are weary and wary about bullshit spewed from the white house, not as easy. Measurably not as gullible. Visibly  more skeptical. That’s encouraging. After the humiliating slap-down we took, collectively, you know, even those who weren’t even born. Which is ‘most of us’. AND the U.N. is actually making a point of bringing Standing Rock to the attention of the entire freakin’ world.and in still other news, Trump has had his Tax Returns and the sources of his wealth, classified. That would include the Standing Rock DAPL mess which is putting money in his pockets. Pouring it in.  He’s ordering the US Taxpayers to give money to his own corporate holdings. The term ‘dick’ comes to mind unbidden. also liar, fascist, corporate welfare queen… We had a scandal way back, ancient history, president Harding was giving government contracts, funds and raw materials to his cronies, of which he got kickbacks…

it was called the Teapot Dome scandal and guess the hell what? It was an oil conglomerate called Standard Oil, and wouldn’t somebody be surprised that when Standard got “broken up” ahem… the much harder to keep track thereof subsidiaries of Standard became the same damned oil companies who consistently over the past century have been ripping off everybody in America, and are behind the DAPL  and are bitching about China and North Korea having trading status, and over fossil fuels… imagine that.

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