Lady Gaga performance at half-time deemed Satanic

I didn’t watch the show. As far as I know it was some show about fooz-ball or something like that, a bunch of millionaires getting paid to run around on the grass hitting each other and chasing balls. And it’s hero-worship, for pay. buy a ticket and get into the sanctuary-field and buy some really overpriced beer and other poisons, buy souvenirs, … and like I said, Hero Worship. That’s an actual Greek religion. And it’s Idolatry. One of God’s top ten list. If Lady Gaga did satanic whatever, it’s really just what everybody in the stands was doing. I understand one of the teams is called the Patriots, well, Patriotism is worship of you army and other government whoop-dee-doos. And since it’s worship of something that’s not God. On a Sunday, which some pope long ago decreed was the new Sabbath and that everybody who is Christian has to worship on Sunday. Unless you have a strict capitalist boss who orders you to work on Sunday but you get to use a “reconciliation mass” on Saturday. Not that it makes any sense but it does have a distinct aroma of Idolatry.

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