“man” who CLAIMS his son and daughter killed by “illegal” resident

DumbFOX Noose Nutwerks sinks to new low. Oh, wait, they’re already so low they have to look down to look up. This time they aired a piece wherein a person was in a car crash, alleged to be undocumented and alleged to be intoxicated and two other people died. OUTRAGE! Except… supposedly the defendant disappeared and was never tried. Maybe he wasn’t in the mood to have a Kangaroo Kourt crucify him, maybe the two so-called “victims” were at fault in the accident, or not, and we’ll never find out for certain. The DumFOX audience aren’t getting their moneys worth with investigation like that. Why doesn’t, for instance, such an OUTRAGE! segment get aired if a White anglo citizen gets in an accident while drunk, regardless of the number of dead or even if the other driver was the one at fault? According to Fox there are millions of “illegal” people in America but admit they don’t have any real numbers, and in any case most of the millions don’t actually break any law other than Immigration Status, even according to the IRS who process returns done with a Taxpayer I.D. instead of Social Security number actually pay their taxes regularly, with far less fraud, than citizens as a whole. The real illegal aliens have been European conquerors who murdered many millions of (native) Americans, deliberately, for profit and personal power, and the Fox Morons consider them to be Great American Heroes. Virginia Dare and Davy Crockett were anchor babies for the English illegal aliens. Crockett’s dad and mother both knew they were in Tennessee, which was mostly Cherokee land and recognized as such by the Invading U.S. Government, in treaties which were being broken while they were being signed… They KNEW they were invaders and Illegally so. David Crockett did repent near the end of his life, suffered by reason of going to a foreign nation, Texas, for the purpose of stealing Texas and really a third of the land mass of Mexico at gunpoint. He did however repent of the atrocities committed by his White neighbors against his Cherokee neighbors.

So why doesn’t FOX actually even report White on White violence? The White plague of drunken drivers? White on Darker Skinned people only if the family and friends of the murdered ones object publicly, and then only to defend White on Dark violence?

My guess is the known fact of them being racist bigots comes into play. They didn’t make nearly such a stink when cop killer Evan Ebel did his little rampage, because the Aryan Brotherhood and other White Wing Extremists generally vote for whoever FOX tells them to elect. Dylann Roof, deliberately killed 9 human beings, American and Christian, no such outrage and demands that all White People or even White Supremacists be deported. Klansman Jared Lee Loughner shot 18 people, 6 of them died including a little girl (Right Wing Extremists love killing kids during their murder sprees) and of course Jim Adkisson taking aim first at the children of the church he was shooting up.

But no hue and cry from DumFox Noose demanding that White Ignorant Hate Filled Redneck Pukes be deported. No demands that a wall be built around Texas to keep the dumbshits separated from normal folks. Why is that so?

Maybe if you looked at the vast majority of Fox being white anglos and a few Uncle Tom tokens to “prove” that Fox isn’t a racist network.

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Brother Jonah

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