Martin L King Day

So, sometimes I get the response that Martin wasn’t a “saint”, works for me anyway, I ain’t a saint either. Never met one. What he did accomplish was to lead people to at least think about a lot of very important concepts. Like, Jesus most likely would not like the notion of killing, robbing, exploiting, enslaving, and other hateful activities against other people. People who were very young or not born when Brother Martin was slaughtered, supposedly by an independent person acting alone… you might not recall clearly a time when a person of color could be lynched for not getting off the sidewalk fast enough to avoid inconveniencing the so-called Master Race dude who was so afraid of dark people he, she or they would have a panic attack just because a dark person was in his immediate vicinity. Martin was a little more polite than myself when faced with such idiocy.   My response is to tell those haters, which is a synonym for Persons Projecting Their Fears And Insecurity upon other people… is to tell them bluntly that if they were so afraid of non-Anglo/Northern European persons not being inferior to them, why the hell did they come over to a whole two continents, had to cross an ocean to get here, where the people who who were here thousands of years just happen to be generally darker than the Anglo types. And then forced immigration of people from yet another continent in order to do the hard work involved in building the Shining City On A Hill, and that’s a description much older than Reagan, think like 300 years…

If they didn’t want to bring all of these Darker Skinned Non-Anglo people to be in “their” Republic, they should have re-invented England and reformed their own damn homeland, and of course not be too lazy to Pick Your Own Damn Cotton…. you know, actually work for themselves without having servants do everything for them. Grow a damn spine and quit whining about having to share the country you yourselves didn’t actually conquer. Or “build”. None of you created a single grain of sand, blade of grass or drop of water, nor did your ancestors or for that matter mine.

If you don’t want people to notice that you’re acting directly in response to your own fears, one of which is that people won’t realize that you’re afraid, there’s a solution. Affirmations. Just like the affirmations you make at a ball game when the cheerleaders direct you to chant with them so “your” home team which is owned entirely by Big Bankers in other geographic regions. Or the affirmations the Drill Sergeant tells the gullible 18-year-old recruits to chant. You chant the pledge of allegiance and the equally satanic national anthem.  You’re very good at chanting in unison, how about chant your own affirmations without having a large group of stupid people helping you?

How about chanting, tell yourself that the person you hate/slash/FEAR is a human being just like you. That he or she isn’t on a hate binge against you personally. That’s kind of backward, the way I phrased it. It’s got a negative in it, that’s supposedly to be avoided in affirmations. Maybe put part of it into a question, like “why should I believe this person I barely know be any kind of threat?”

Confession is another way of saying the same thing. Confess that nobody is inferior or superior to you in any way. Especially the group you fear-hate. Fear and hate are things you learn, and you can learn better reactions. And the only person who can teach you at the most immediate and intimate level is you. To get started, reach out to somebody who has practiced it for a while.

There are 7.5 billion people on the planet right now, that gives you a huge number of people you could call upon to teach you the basics.

James Earl Ray might not have actually squeezed the trigger on Martin King. But he was a fearful oversized scared little boy with a gun. There are guns everywhere. That’s a problem but the bigger problem is there are so many people, like Ray, who are aware of where to get a gun, the at least basics of how to operate them, and so piss-pants scared of whoever at whom he’s going to point that gun or rifle.

And some of them, who knows, maybe most of them, who are organized and chant their hate-fear doctrine in unison regularly. If James Ray wasn’t the one who shot Martin King, he was at the very least a member of a couple of white supremacist groups, like the Klan and Aryan Brotherhood, who demonstrate, like the shooter of Martin King, just how cowardly they are. Their loud shrill affirmations that they’re better than everybody else on the planet could be easily translated as it truly is. Fear. They know they’re not dominant and try really hard to mask it with the lies they’re told by their leaders to chant. Dylann Roof is another scared little boy in a man-sized body, whether he did the deed for which he was very recently sentenced to die. Again, like James Earl Ray, he’s a member of the same group of fear-hate “supremacists”.

And they’re very much in control of our next president.

Martin King wasn’t a saint, neither am I. He was, however, a man who learned the nature of hate-fear and how to conquer it. And taught millions of people to conquer it, not necessarily in their antagonists, but in their own souls. He did it in the name of Jesus. And advocated, in Jesus’ name, to not commit hate-fear or try to inspire fear-hate in others. That’s as close to sainthood as anybody gets.

So many people want to blame God, in any form, to be the reason they hate-fear. They actually tell themselves and each other that God wants people killed, enslaved, oppressed, robbed… If you think your church doesn’t actually advocate that kind of behavior… consider, do you in church and in unison chant “patriotic” bullshit? I can crack open the hymnal of just any church and it will have songs like “God Bless Only The White Part Of America”. By the way, that can be modified to fit any god or government. Not only that, but it IS done and done regularly. I pick on Christians because I am one. St Paul said to clean your own house first. (the qualifications for bishops and deacons). Gandhi and Martin King  noticed that, Gandhi said “have you ever heard any army saying they would win because God was NOT on our side?” and Martin was named after Martin Luther who was in turn named after a “saint martin” who was a soldier for one Christian empire. Don’t just believe me either, someday I might go crazy and start telling lies just to see how many people I can freak up.

There’s a Catholic Calendar of Saints, just look it up.


How about, God Bless Everywhere. That would be a huge step up.

Happy Birthday, Martin. If you’re in heaven that’s guaranteed. Happiness to the people you taught.

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