Michael Reagan, ‘christian’ adherent of Sha’aria.

Specifically women’s clothing. Yes, dear readers, Right Wingnut Trolls have crawled out of their nests to condemn women who wear pants. Or dresses that aren’t “conservative” enough. They have women evicted from airplanes for wearing slacks. Michael Reagan said that women who wear make-up and try to look attractive JUST LIKE THEIR MALE COUNTERPARTS, like, say, Bill O’Reilly who is kind of a toad right from the start.. and in defense of Mr O’Reilly. Said that women in say, television broadcasting, that’s the ticket, go to work not for purposes of such mundane blasè stuff like, paying the rent, feeding herself and family, maybe have nice things instead of wearing rags or whatever. No, Mr Reagan sets us straight on that. Women actually working are doing it to entice their bosses. That’s the rapists’ favorite excuse for their behavior. I had a neighbor in Ft Worth long ago, Mrs. Stark. 97 years old. One day somebody broke into her home, beat her face in with a hammer and then raped her. She died a few days later. She was cranky, yes, heavily into the mores of society when she came of age in 1900. We had a really stupid bassett hound, who would howl a lot (moral of that: Hounds don’t fit in with city life) and would dig under the fence to visit the other yards in the neighborhood, and leave her poops and peeps on Other People’s Lawns. Mrs Stark, a retired teacher, would get dressed in Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes, write us a letter of complaint and walk right past our house to get to the mail collection box two blocks away to mail it to us.  Can any of these “conservatives” actually match that? Why, Hell no. They would rather put a label of Whore on any woman who dares to be brutally assaulted, and that’s what rape is, an act of violence… interchangeably, and go to work with Mr Reagan and his comrade-in-crime Bill O’Reilly. Or live in her home at the age of 97.

Oh, and Mr Reagan is a preacher. Did I forget to mention that?

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