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On a National Geographic Channel (bought up by FOX) episode about Area 51, one of the explanations of it’s super secret activities is that they (the Air Farts and the CIA.) tested Stealth aircraft starting with the U2 and testing maneuvers using purloined Soviet airplanes, and that it “saved countless lives in VietNam”. I call bullshit. The GI Resistance Movement saved a lot of lives by forcing the Mighty Corporate Government to (at least temporarily) negotiate with soldiers as Humans instead of Disposable Conscript Slave-Warrior Minions. All the maneuvers and carpet bombing and surveillance and intelligence gathering techniques prolonged the war, killing more GIs, not saving any lives, fighting for “freedom” and all the other John Wayne jingoistic imperial lies. VietNam didn’t start the literally God-Damned war. The power structure of the US so called Democracy did. The Empire Strikes First. By prolonging the war they, the Shadow Government in all its Inglorious Self-righteous actions killed 50,000 GIs just in that one conflict. And set the stage for every war since. And before, the US was set up as part of an invasive foreign empire which has murdered more Americans than all the nations who “we” attacked combined. The shit about Defending America, no, it wasn’t. Liberating America, no, it wasn’t. And then there are the people in the attacked nations. The civilians slaughtered by aerial bombardment, and the Native civilians who were targeted, just like the people of Dresden or Hiroshima or  Hanoi or Baghdad in the aforementioned War On Everybody who dared to refuse to bow the knee before the Emperor du Jour. It adds up. Some of the estimates, 4 Million civilian casualties.1 1/2 Million Military casualties. That’s both sides. Or “all sides” . That’s a telling statistic. Three times as many civilian casualties than military. Munch on that. And if “we’ were fighting for freedom, and lost….  do your own math

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