Mitch McConnell wants Romney to run for Congress

Oh goody. Another draft-dodging war profiteer to slap around. “Gee, I wish i was with you boys, getting my ass shot off in the rice paddies, jungles and the mean streets of Saigon but I had this little old LDS missions duty and couldn’t be drafted, and I’m going to assume y’all are really stupid enough to not notice that a Draft Exemption isn’t a barrier to enlistment”. Oh, Come The Hell On…My brother in law is LDS and did his missions on base. And went to VietNam. And how many of those names on the wall, you know the Wall, right? The Wall you pretend to honor every Veterans Day or Memorial Day? That Wall…  How many of the guys behind the names are also listed in their religious preferences on their dogtags as “LDS”? You know, it’s not that difficult to check. I don’t belittle draft resisters because they put their freedom and their lives on the line, they had courage. They don’t get up on a podium at least twice a year and tell actual Veterans that stupid whimpering lie about wanting to be like them. Point being, start to making with the honesty, ok? Unlike Hillary or Al Gore you actually did take a landslide ass-whuppin’ in the polls.

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