More R. congresscritters are using the McConnell method for quiet town halls

Simple, really. Just have the pigs put anybody who might be a dissenter behind a “free speech zone” compound. They do profile, too. They look for somebody who has alert eyes, probably educated and having an independent mindset. If you look like you have any sense or intellectual capacity, bam… you’re herded into the free speech fence. They want a show, they want to have the world perceive the Heartland to be all out cheering their Fuhrer. And not just the world. Mitch McConnell and Trump and all, they can rewind the recording of the Doctrinally Cleansing subjects performing like their little pet puppy dogs, eager to hear every insane shit that flows from the Town Hall podium, and convince themselves that all the people were in agreement. Even though they know that they themselves set up the show.
They’re varmints. In an enlightened and advanced society it would be legal to hunt them.

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