Mother Earth in revolt? Etna erupting.

That would be an elegant method of countering anthropogenic global warming. A little bit of geo-genic global cooling.  Hey, quantum computing has a provision that all events play off against every other events simultaneously throughout the universe. The center of each unit of space, time, mass and energy is centered on every other center including the center of the universe itself. How does that work, you ask? Hell, I don’t know, just that the phenomenon is repeating itself. Since time is part of it, each iteration is simultaneous with it’s previous and latter iterations. People in India have been assured of this since the earliest of their writings. And they invented the Zero and the decimal notation 0 to 9 while the Roman Empire was pending. It’s something the Inquisition was particularly harsh in judging.     Given the theory and its many tentacles tendrils neural computations however we’ll wind up discussing it, maybe the global warming and die-offs of worms, bees, frogs, probably some protozoans and amoeba might be triggering a reaction from the middle of the earth. Of course we won’t be comfortable with how it works. Won’t have any bloody control of it anyway.

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