The ‘conservatives’ who conserve nothing more than their own wealth, all of it gotten at public expense, keep hammering on about the ‘expressed original intent of the so-called founding so-called fathers’ and not one of these experts in the Founding Fathers has come forward with a list of even 100 of these Extremely Important Rotting Corpses. So I’ll assume they only include George Washington, John Adams, John Q Adams (an hereditary dictator, according to the Slave Owners Faction, largely because he opposed slavery) Vice President Aaron Burr who murdered Hamilton, in a duel, and got away with it because they were both aristocrats, and of course Tommy Paine and Tommy Jefferson. As you can check for yourself, these cats were heavily weighted to Slavery as A Divine Right, and every son-of-a-bitch one of them got their property and financial gain by Government Largess, first from the Kings of England, France, Holland, Spain and Prussia, and then they took over the management of the Corporate Welfare scheme in a ‘revolution’ which benefited the Rich and impoverished the already poor. The first ‘free election’ for president was settled by 43,782 ‘popular’ votes, all of them White Aristocrats. out of a population more than 4 million according to the first census. Let’s see, 4,000,000 divided by 100… = 40,000 so the landslide vote was roughly 1.1 percent of the entire population. In a crazy sideshow, the Slaves were actually counted as votes toward the final Electoral Votes, but at 60% of each person who was not legally a person. But according to mostly Republicans And OTHER Fascist parties, we are to be governed at the whim of just under 44,000 ghosts of whom only a tiny fraction of that are actually recognized as Founders.

Then there’s the FACT that slavery is a sex crime, it’s rape or potential rape, and there doesn’t appear to be ANY slave owner who openly objected to Masters raping Slaves. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson leap to mind. They also took the credit of building their plantations, which is a fat lie because the Slaves did all the work and got exactly none of the profits. Is it any wonder the ‘conservatives’ worship these socially retarded animated sphincters? Just get them bitching and whining about any increment of a Minimum Wage and how many of these perpetual 1%ers own stock in Prison Industries, which is slavery. Yet they SAY the word Freedom but only for themselves, obviously. Then as now, they have always used Slave Soldiers to conquer the people on the lands They claimed, given to them by the Kings they allegedly despised, and the trigger which started their Independence (not a synonym for ‘liberty’ or ‘freedom’) was the British Military wouldn’t break treaties for them, treaties like Paying The Native American Tribes for their military service (see: Amherst, Smallpox Blankets, Huron Tribe, Detroit, Chief Pontiac) or prohibition of White land theft beyond the Ohio river and the French Territories, and the British Navy no longer supported (at public expense) the Slave Trade nor would the British hunt escaped slaves. It’s in the Declaration of Independence, in case anybody wants to try to refute that claim. So the the American British Elitists broke away from the London Based British Elitists, formed their own Army, Navy and Marines to keep subsidizing the slavery, massacres of Natives and stripping them of their Sovereignty over their own homelands, and laying the foundation for an Empire which would grant everybody in the world the opportunity to bow and worship them. Which brings up… Freedom of Religion but only if it’s convenient to use those religions to further their claim of State Subsidized Imperialism. The exact reason Emperor Trump wants to deport or kill every Muslim in America. Or rather, have his simple minded BITCHES do it for him, like the PUNK ASS BITCH who bombed the mosque in Minnesota. Which brings up another contentious issue,


The whole idea that we the people have to obey the unclear ‘original intent’ of 44,000 rotting corpses. Since they didn’t leave a real statement of that ‘intent’ other than the Rich should inherit their exclusive privilege of sponging off the labor of the poor and the taxes imposed on the poor… Corporate Welfare at it’s most glorious… and they further their blasphemy by declaring that GOD told them they should do so… and we know it must be true because their Tame Priesthood in many of the State sponsored churches. So since they left no clear instructions, we’re obliged to have the ‘christian’ version of a National Seance, wherein the Priesthood would be the only one to hear and interpret the proclamations of God and His chosen people, the 44,000. And all of us must believe it or be punished as heretics. Just ask Reverends Sarah Palin, Huckabee and Brownback. Even though the Christian Churches forbid spiritualism. Unless the pastors have sold their souls to the Beast and his many servants like Trump. Then it’s all right because the apostate churches said so.

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