News Item that Trump is pretending to be Jackson

As in Andrew Jackson as a “working man’s hero backwoods fake as all hell populist” but the editorial was that he was more like Stonewall Jackson. jacks on, jacks off… concentlate, Daniel-san. He was one of those who professed love for the black folks and the local slaves as Marse Jackson. Uhhh. sounds like he had a publicist, but in the Civil War he sure did take the side of the slavers.

And his boyhood hero who he might not have ever met, Andrew Jackson. Neither of them was a backwoodsman as in somebody who would be called a hillbilly today. They were both Rich. Benefited generously by the Trail of Tears and other arrogant actions against Natives. Andrew was selling Cherokee land while and at the same time yet simultaneously in a redundant sort of way, the Nation was fighting alongside his other troops in the Creek Wars and the Seminole “uprisings”.  Got to put down them thar Injun uprising, yep. Did Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson gain from the massive ripoffs, and the use of slavery to build the infrastructure of the White Conquest?

You can bet your ass he did. Classical Education as well. The “great unwashed” (actual quote “Press the flesh of the Great Unwashed” which was a way the Fat Cats described their every four years political campaigns) might not have gotten past the third grade on average, but he sure as hell did. Difference is, the average Confederate Soldier probably couldn’t write his own name.

But for the Populists, there was not a shortage of understanding. When they did wrong, they knew god-damn well they were doing wrong. They had and still have, like Trump, no excuse. Would there be some difference, some extra advantage in being just like either Andrew or Stonewall? Or even close…

The conquest is falling back. This election cycle really marks the end of White Supremacists running anything. There’s a book “The Turner Diaries” which is not only described as a manual for Hate, it actually is. The “hero” of this American “mein kampf” is a returning soldier, dismayed by rampant homosexuality and The Darkening Face of amerikkka .This is a book I’m going to judge by its cover. On the back of the dust jacket there’s all kinds of Right Wing bullshit spokes-freaks praising the book and its “hero”. That’s enough for me

How does this interact with the Jackson saga? Take a stolen or junk computer and do a search for “andrew jackson and stormfront”.

Or follow the links, just any Republican website will have those. And they say they don’t have any endorsement for or from the Stormfronters.. But the only time I actually read something from them was in a link from an anarchist site, mocking them, of course, because the writer of the blog-page was going into great long explanations of why he believes that “it’s proven by science that White males are bigger (between the legs)” but, you know, they’re so afraid of being seen as homosexual. The stormfronters I mean. Not White people in general. More people are enlightened every day. That scares living Hell out of the fascists.

il Douche needs to get used to it.

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