NFL, NBA, MLB ordered by Trump to fire all employees who protest, Teams said “NO”

And man is it ever got the WingNuts screaming. tRump told everybody it’s an affront to the soldiers. This from a man who was a Draft Dodger and War Profiteer (what does anybody expect? He’s a thief and the Military Industrial Complex has huge piles of unguarded taxpayer money laying around) and so was his equally worthless Dodger Profiteer daddy. Only reason his kids aren’t dodgers is because Ford abolished the Draft in 1975. I would say that making money from other people dying is a real affront to the soldiers. And their Families. OK, Everybody …  LeBron James refused a visit to the White House and instead of being a propanda token he told Trump NO and added “it was always an honor being invited to the White House until you came along” The ChickenHawks are trolling every forum on the internet, nothing new there, but these dudes who Trumpf says aren’t racist are sure using the N word about it. And exclaiming large resentment and envy because Black people actually have jobs in the NBA mostly because the black dudes in question learned the sport and became very proficient Practice does that. Like the name-calling titty babies who infest the Republican party, they’ve been practicing to blame Blacks, Latins, Jews etc for their own failures. Somebody who wants a job in a restaurant, or some other job where every employee is a salesperson… and has been openly bigoted toward, say, Hispanic, who speak spanish even though they also speak english thus are Bilingual… puts in his/her application and comes back later and somebody else had the job. Somebody with a typically dark face who is bilingual. So the person starts resenting what obviously is Affirmative Action and the Mexican stole the job the bigot didn’t have in the first place. This happens a lot. But hey, why not analyze the situation. Logically.

The application was probably one of many, in most of America there are less jobs than applicants. It’s probably a business the applicant has been in. Perhaps he/she had spoken ill of “mexicans” and bilingual as well. Where the manager could easily hear. Say the other complained about bilingual being a recognized business asset especially in the service industry. Something perhaps involving the un-hired person forgot saying like “why should I learn another language even though it would open more opportunities?” What if other customers heard him her bitching like that and think “what an ignorant hateful person”. Who would any sane employer hire? Somebody who is polite, educated, and would not be openly opposed to serving customers based on their race? or….? But that kind of professional victim is at the root of Bigotry.  people talk themselves into believing all kinds of shit, and whatever you confess with your mouth you’ll come to believe. Put helpful affirmations in and you have less stupid shit like “oh, woe is me, some Mexican whose name I don’t know, and I don’t know whether he’s an immigrant or not but I KNOW he’s here illegally and some Liberal Jew Lawyer got Affirmative Action and even though I have no information for or against that I’m gonna believe it” and the next thing you know you’re driving your car into a crowd because they were blocking your Klan meeting. And yes, it is that simple. One little bad instance, maybe once or twice you were wronged, usually not the case but the perception grows stronger the More You Keep Telling Your SELF to believe it. Get with a group and listen to the anecdotes like “well my friend told me her sister tried to get a job at a restaurant and it was because she wasn’t Black or Mexican” then you feed your obsession with others agreeing.

It’s not a good thing. I’ve been reading a lot of what the trolls write. Getting to know their thought patterns. They’re amazingly similar to each other, most cases word for word. Like they were generated on a computer or lined up in rows and columns, wearing uniforms and chanting the words. Like the Military but there are a lot of other cults that do the same thing. Like everybody getting up from their rows and columns of desks, puting his/her hand over the right breast and looking up to a flag, fervently, because you want God to see how dedicated and proud you are and saying in unison “I pledge alleg… you know the rest. It’s a fast track to being brainwashed. And no I didn’t get that some atheist group or whatever stupid shit you’re probably making up to explain it away… The guy who codified it was Pavlov. Dr Pavlov.  The one who did the same thing with dogs, his first group of indoctrinated beings. The techniques are followed by military, sports (do you cheer when the cheerleaders tell you, do you respond to “gimme a G…” by “G!” etcetera and in unison, standing up to do it… and when the cheerleaders say “I Can’t Hear You!” do you respond by saying it louder…? Do you buy soda or beer or other drugs, like the salt on the nachos and such? So you drug yourself, pay to do it and while in an already altered state, chant what you’re told to chant in unison who are doing a physical action like standing up in unison? Welcome to Brainwashing 101. You may all be seated. Now stand up, open your book to page 53. and starting at paragraph two read it out loud.. Let’s sing it…

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