north dakota terrorism incident at WalMart over parking spot.

A white lady in Fargo N Dakota got into an argument over a parking spot with three Somali-AMERICAN women. She told them “we’re gonna kill all of you” and the Trumpista Cult is on it like stink on shit. They’re calling for the death of anybody who disagrees with them as being terrorism and treason. I’m not going to pander to the right wing hate squads and their bigotry. I’m not going to buy into the MYTH surrounding the so-called founding so-called fathers like Serial Rapists Washington and Jefferson and Madison (raping the slaves is a privilege slaveholders have always cherished) being the sole arbiters of what church we must attend, and if you want a religious dictatorship in America you’ll have a Church State and its exact conjoined twin is you’ll have a State Church . Every imported religious congregation in America was kicked out of its former kingdom because they angered the king. EVERY… ONE… OF… Them. People who can’t tell the difference between Presbyterian from Lutheran from Episcopalian (and there were huge wars fought in good old White Supremacist Europe for CENTURIES over those tiny differences) do not have some God given ‘right’ to tell me what church should rule over all others. I’m certainly not going to obey your commands to Hate Human beings because of their faith or ancestry or any of your other reasons to Hate people. Trump doesn’t run my life. I’m sorry for you and will pray for you if that’s what rules YOUR life. A Parking dispute turns into a Jihadi Attack by those who are mentally conditioned to see Jihad everywhere they look. You’ve allowed other people to tell you who you’re required to hate. That’s too bad. IF the three women who were threatened with DEATH by the other woman actually WERE Jihadim the women would have killed her. Maybe. The fact that they didn’t respond to the hate speech with violence is really obvious but not for people who are conditioned to hate. Guess what? If there was no Jew or Muslim or Atheist in America you would be fighting your fellow Christians. You do ANYWAY, and if Trump or his Cult say they don’t I’ll laugh in your stupid face and dare you to do something about it. The Pilgrims and Puritans were both kicked out by the Kings James and Charles whatever their numbers Because They Did Not Conform To The Episcopalian Church, which was a punishable offense in England up till the late 1800s. It’s called Non-Conformism and that’s where we get the term

. The Pilgrims got kicked out of Massachusetts by the Puritans. Right Here In America and within living memory of the Mayflower. If you think for one minute you’ll purify America to whatever church you attend you’re straight out of your mind, and I am not going to apologize for saying so. I don’t give ¾ of a fat rat’s left testicle what you think of that. The only person in the entire argument who broke any American laws was the ‘lady’ who threatened to kill three other women. Over a parking space. That’s stupid and it’s a crime. In Texas they call it Terroristic Threats. Notice the one who behaved as a terrorist. According to U.S. Law

. I’d like to know in advance, when is the Stupidity going to stop? I’m writing this slowly because Some People who also say that English is the only language permitted in America for some reason have a lot of trouble using the English language, also voted for the Trump agenda and hate anybody who doesn’t bow and worship him. Toughie-poo. Not everybody is going to agree with you, and most (65%) of the voters disagreed with him at the polls. Deal with it, cupcakes. Grow up. Go back to school if you need it.

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