NRA says Terrorism, media threaten civilization

They should know, they’ve aligned themselves, along with the President of the United States, with white supremacists especially the Klan and Aryan Brotherhood. Also, if you’re in the military and appear white, they WILL try to recruit you. The Klan is the largest and most active non-governmental organization terrorist group in American  history, founded in part by Confederate war criminal Nathan Bedford-Forrest who had Union prisoners murdered on his specific orders.   And was photographed alongside General George Wingate, founder of the NRA. Smiling.  Who was a Union soldier and formed his organization At The Same Time The Klan was formed. Yeah. So why would these birds, allegedly not of a feather, conjoin their organizations? It’s baffling to be sure. They both infest the Police Establishment. When the Klan held a fundraising benefit in Bossier City Louisiana after the local pigs murdered 25-year-old Marquise Hudspeth , at that barbecue was David Duke. You know the one, the closet-case cheerleader for Donald Trump, and Mr. Duke said that the Klan was a Police organization. All of the off duty Kops were at the barbecue and none of them said anything to contradict him. Just like the Kops in Colorado Springs,. The prison guards, local Kops and the entire county governments of Logan and Fremont Counties. And those who infiltrated the military. And the Hell’s Angels, Texas Bandidos, etc Motorcycle clubs. Who also have a hiring preference for military veterans. The Pigs in Bossier City/Shreveport were never indicted. I remember the Dallas stations showed the Pigs eating, laughing, the shit-eating grins, it’s a scene that’s burned into my mind the way 8 pig bullets burned their way into Marquise Hudspeth’s BACK early in the morning of March 15th 2003.. The Pigs said he was brandishing a cell phone at them.

They added later the “they thought it was a gun” shit later, but during their lynching of, unlike their own collective coward ass, A REAL MAN, they mentioned that it was a cell phone. Oh, and that barbecue, a lot of the off-duty Kops were wearing NRA gear, while stuffing their fat ugly smug faces. Their own “legal expenses”? Hell no. The Parish (louisiana doesn’t have counties, so much for the Mr Bojangles song “met him in a county jail in New Orleans“) and District attorneys office did the legal work at the expense of every citizen in Bossier City and Shreveport. Even the family of Marquise Hudspeth who they murdered March 15th 2003.

Logan County Colorado has the largest Klan outside the boundaries of the Confederacy and Fremont County has the first Klan outside the Confederacy.  Hate groups don’t have to be in any specific region. Like the NRA.

The Republican Party, who adopted all the Klan Refugees who fled in terror from the Democratic Party after a Southerner, Lyndon Johnson, signed onto the Civil Rights Act. Not that any of the state or federal or especially local Klan infested police agencies actually prosecute or diligently investigate Civil Rights violations. The cops up here have a joke, a southern sheriff and the coroner are looking at a black man, hanged, shot several times, partly burned,.handcuffed, and the , says “God Damn show-off suicides, tryin’ to make us look bad”. There’s plenty more. And there’s this from a year after the shooting in Louisiana.

an investigation similar to more than 200 others in this region’s federal judicial district
that have never resulted in prosecution of law enforcement
But the report is from a News agency so the RepubliKlan spokespersons won’t believe it. Nor will they report the attacks on unarmed activists at Standing Rock by the National Guard and North Dakota pigs.
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